Stoned Sounds

My friend Zach and I recently set out on a trip and ended up in Bucks county Pennsylvania.

While waiting to begin this adventure, we found out that Port Authority has a bowling alley in it. I’m starting to warm up to the ‘sport’ of bowling but sometimes the atmosphere is just too much. I mean, are black lights, a cocktail waitress, and T-pain all necessary when someone it trying to bowl their time away at 10am on a Monday?

For the first time since riding that sedated pony during my year of summer camp, I got up close to a horse. Several horses as well as many other farm animals, actually.

I really enjoyed a place called Ringing Rocks Park. It appeared to be a pretty average small town park. Lined with trees that, although were mostly green, indicated that the season is about to make that huge turn into the cold. What set this park apart from most was that while following the trail, I found myself stepping over more and more rocks until the dirt just disappeared leaving me in front of a massive boulder field. The rock trail seemed to span a good couple of football fields, and the stark contrast between the lifelessness in the rock pit, surrounded by all of the healthy trees made it seem slightly unreal.Its called “ringing rocks” because, due to the fluctuating amounts of iron in each rock, along with the stress in them, along with the fact that they are all firmly wedged into each other, they make strange sounds when you hit them with a metal object. It sounds like a hammer hitting an anvil. Its one of the only two parks that holds rocks like these. The other being in Montana, and who wants to go there?

Oh and did I forget to mention this amazing little nugget we brought back as a souvenir?! Well, Zach did at least. I just stole some of the love n cuddles from him on the ride home.


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3 Responses to “Stoned Sounds”

  1. TC Says:

    I find bowling alleys to be pretty creepy. The T-Pain would make one more so, I suspect.

  2. scottcarberry Says:

    But Montana is awesome! So is the Port Authority bowling alley.

  3. Rest In Peace, 2010. « Shoplifting in a Ghost Town Says:

    […] Hitting rocks that made unusual sounds […]

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