Raving on Mars.

Ever wonder what happened to this kid after Kazaam? Me neither but hey, hes a main character in Veronica Mars!

I’m hoping that this photo of Shaq has drawn you in, since I couldn’t find a still from Veronica Mars that was eye catching enough. Yeah, thats right. Veronica Mars. The only show I seem to concern myself with, lately. When I’m not watching it, I find myself raving about it to friends who seem to look at me blankly. As blankly as I used to look several my fully grown, comedy-writing, male friends out West when they would try to explain to me why its so good.

I finally decided to give it a go after someone had reminded me that Veronica Mars was written by the Rob Thomas. Not the shithead from that band but the guy who went on to write Party Down. I was told that the show featured many of Party Downs characters in it. I was interested and now mildly obsessed.

For the most part, the writing is ridiculous and I will sometime blush and cringe when I find myself catching a friend (who I’ve also wrangled into loving it) up on the episodes she’s missed, since it really does sound like a ridiculous soap….but that because it is. And I’m pretty sure the writers were self aware and aiming for ridiculous. There is subtle humor spread through out the series, and thats what keeps me watching it.

For instance:

Lisa Rinna of Days of Our Lives is a reoccurring character in Season 1. During this sceneANDTHISSCENEONLY…they put a display for soap and hygiene in the schools display case. Coincidence? I.think.not.

Does this line sound familiar at all? (1:10)

During Kevin Smiths guest spot on the show, they aptly had him play the role of a clerk in a gas station.

Some of the more blunt humor in the show is obviously made to appeal to teenagers. I think that’s great because I feel like this show also has a lot of qualities of an old noir program. Even the lighting in many of the indoor scenes seem to replicate that. I hope it did its part at helping a younger generation enjoy a good detective story. But for me, I keep watching for the little things that are easily overlooked, and for the decent indie music they tend to play in the background.

Now beware! All seasons of Veronica Mars are available on instant Netflix.


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4 Responses to “Raving on Mars.”

  1. :: smo :: Says:

    i ventured to watch the pilot episode with my roommate after you and paul were talking about it so much…but it wasn’t enough to get me to watch more [and yes, i just watched 3 seasons of farscape in the hopes that eventually it would ‘get better’]. so because i generally trust you’re judgment i’m going to assume that it somehow picks up a lot after the first episode…

    maybe i’d like it more if she lived in a boom box?

    i think it could be very possible that i really just don’t enjoy california high school drama type shows.

    the whole time i was watching it i had decided you convincing me to view was part of some elaborate ploy and i was waiting for you to sneak up out of nowhere and ask “are you thirsty?” at any given point…

  2. Frank Says:

    I have been an unapologetic Veronica Mars fan for a while. The first season is really good TV. The conceit is totally ridiculous, of course, but it sure is fun to watch. I will also admit a deep celebrity crush on Kristen Bell. I mean, I think we would be great for each other, if only she would return some of those long, hand-written crayon love letters I keep sending. Oh well, one day Kristen.

  3. Frank Says:

    And let’s not forget Britt Daniel’s cameo singing Veronica by Elvis Costello. Although I was always a bigger fan of the karaoke bar scenes in Angel. Now I’ve really gone and shown my pop culture hand.

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    […] My dorky love for Veronica Mars […]

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