They Rapin’ Everybody Out Her’

These two need a show together so that the internet could make some sweet jams for them.

7 Responses to “They Rapin’ Everybody Out Her’”

  1. JC Says:

    Ya know, among all the celebs that have fallen and are unable to get back up, Whitney’s seems like the saddest.
    She was beautiful, graceful, and obviously had a great voice.
    From classy to trashy in what almost seems like the blink of an eye.

  2. Laura Says:

    All of this is hilarious – and it’s given me many laughs – but it’s a kind of sad how it has overshadowed the fact someone was almost raped in their own home.

  3. Shaz Says:

    The remake they did of the Double Rainbow song is AMAZING

  4. dietplaid Says:

    My brother and my husband have been obsessed with that autotune the news video. I’ve had it stuck in my head for days. Make it eeeeeeend.

  5. Shorty Says:

    I had the pleasure of seeing that Ghetto fella, too. I was cracking up!

  6. alycia Says:

    the first time i saw the bed intruder song i laughed myself to tears! and weeks later i’m still laughing at it. even when i’m alone at work. people must think i’m crazy lol 🙂

  7. stephanie Says:

    Where have you gone?! I miss reading your stuff..

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