A Fabric of a Different Structure.

I stumbled across a Canadian Etsy shop called Black Market Baby. Its right up my alley, today. The clothes are dark, oddly structured, and above all….affordable.

The oversized hoodie is what caught my eye, but some of the dresses are pretty, pretty, too.

Whats up, adorable crotch shot dress? Get into my life!


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3 Responses to “A Fabric of a Different Structure.”

  1. JC Says:

    The Asymmetrical Hoodie belongs to you without question.
    I’d consider rocking one if there was a variation for dudes.
    Aside from that, you could easily rock that ‘Recycled Fur Collar Faux Skunk’ piece too, but only while your hair is black, and styled above your shoulders. It might also work with platinum hair, but only if you accented your hair with a custom black feather or rose or some such nonsense. Never the less, it seems a bit strange for someone to seek dark attire in summer fire.

  2. Laura Says:

    My Etsy collection is immense right now, and you’re not doing me any favors by posting this hoodie. I want it!

  3. Grady Dyron Says:

    You lost me, buddy. I mean, I suppose I get what youre saying. I get where youre coming from. But you just seem to have forgotten that you can find men and women out there who can see this issue for what it really is and may well not agree with you. You seem to alienate a whole bunch of folks who may have been fans of your web site.

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