Rotary Love.

I’m currently living in a house with land lines. There is something more stable feeling about having a set place where your phone gets used. I sometimes feel like having a cell phone is like having a clingy boyfriend. Its always there and you’re constantly having to tend to it, creating impolite social situations. Hate it. Luckily, my cell phone is so slim, that I constantly lose it for days at a time. I wonder if my thoughts on current phones would be different if I owned this awesome Bluetooth rotary.

Communication was so much more exciting when I used a rotary phone. There’s just a satisfaction in everything from the dialing process to being able to speak into a receiver that didn’t molest the side of your face. My land lines are all rotary style, so I shouldn’t complain. Especially since if I was ever to lure a small child into my house,  they would have no idea how to call 911. As proven by this very sad video.


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11 Responses to “Rotary Love.”

  1. Rog Says:

    The bluetooth rotary phones look really neat. I want the kind shaped like big-ass lips. I love re-watching movies from the 80’s just for the cool rotary phones….remember the ones shaped like a football?

  2. JC Says:

    Oh Chloe, you aint gotta go balls to the wall with the full rotary unit, a less than resourceful man such as myself only needs the Think Geek Retro handset. POW!
    I can attest to its workability, strength, and stare factor.
    If that isn’t good enough for you, then you’re just an uppity bitch.

  3. JC Says:

    Oh btw, the black rotary one: is in stock and $75 cheaper. It really is tempting even though I already own the ThinkGeek retro handset. Damn it!

  4. :: smo :: Says:

    not to say i don’t enjoy having my face molested from time to time, i’m going to have to agree on this one. people expect cell pone from you now. which is to say, they expect you to have it on you at all times and get mad if you don’t pick up immediately and sometimes will call repeatedly. i like the days of “oh i guess he’s not home, i’ll leave a message he’ll get it when he gets it.”

    one of my favorite times in new york was when i couldn’t afford a cell phone and i called everyone on payphones and had to really schedule things out solidly. maybe i should go back to that and just use my cell phone for work stuff…

    either way rotaries are sweet! there’s that thing called magic jack that lets you plug one into your usb without paying for a normal landline…looked interesting…

  5. Laura Says:

    I’m probably the only person that cried when I got a cell phone. I truly hate them and hate that everyone expects you to pick up all calls at any given time of day.

    And damn, this fucking generation has no survival skills.

  6. TC Says:

    Cell phone, electronic leash, they are terrible things.

    • JC Says:

      TC, you strike me as neither glass half full or empty, you just shatter the fucking glass into a pit of idealistic fire.
      I’ve been there too.

  7. repenttokyo Says:

    I haven’t owned a cell phone in more than 10 years. I had one to replace my landline in 1998, and then I dropped it because it felt like a leash. The phone is there for my convenience, not the convenience of others.

    I run my business entirely cell phone free, and it has yet to be an issue. Since I work from home, if people want to reach me, they know where I am and how to do it. If I am not at home, they can’t reach me. It’s a simple concept, and one that I enjoy. Otherwise, if I was constantly accessible to clients and friends, my life would be like a cage with invisible bars.

  8. krysti pryde Says:

    there is also something very exciting about having you mom yell at you when you’re on the phone too late, too. ahhh, the good ole’ days.

  9. Robert Says:

    I do miss the noises a rotary phone makes while dialing. I don’t know if you read these comments but I saw you on Monday, I’m the guy who took your picture. I knew who were you the moment I saw you, just wanted to say you looked great. That is all.

  10. che notte Says:

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