Mr. Bungle (music Monday)

California- Mr. Bungle: Air Conditioned Nightmare: (1999) California was Mr. Bungles last and best album. Its spastic but I find every strange and abrupt cut to be enjoyable. This song specifically is like some type of slightly erie 1960’s surfing song for people with A.D.D.

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7 Responses to “Mr. Bungle (music Monday)”

  1. repenttokyo Says:

    My favorite Mr. Bungle track, and indeed the first one I ever heard is ‘the girls of porn’ which I still inexplicably sometimes hear on the radio. Social parody is not commercial radio’s strong point.

    I never ever got into Faith No More, however.

  2. Frank Says:

    Better than “Girls of Porn”? I think not.

  3. ann Says:

    i miss you

  4. :: smo :: Says:

    this is the only [physical CD] mr. bungle album i have. and i think i might have given it to frodus to listen to their drive back to DC…but yes. it’s totally awesome!

  5. D.Mills Says:

    I don’t find them to eerily reminiscent of the 1960’s surfer songs. I find them to be what the beach boys would have been if they were actually cool.

  6. repenttokyo Says:

    The Beach Boys were one of the best groups of all time. Just finished reading ‘Catch a Wave’ last night, actually.

  7. daverobot Says:

    this album is so damn good.

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