Music Mondays

Photo by Ye Rin Mok

When I try to discover new music, I try to find someone whose taste I really trust to introduce it to me. I look to that person to hand over their personal favorite song from a great album. The one song can kind of lead you into understanding the album, and in turn, the artist.

Now, I’m not gonna say I have good taste in music by any means. I can’t play a single instrument and seem to be the only person on earth who thinks that Sigur Ros is just horrible. Despite this fact, I’ve decided to make my average ole’ Mondays into Music Mondays.

The day where I pick one of my personal favorite songs off of one of my personal favorite albums. Like this(!):

Reckless Nights and Turkish Twilights- Raymond Scott: (1937) You know that you’ve heard this song before. If you grew up watching Looney Tunes or Ren & Stimpy, its probably ingrained in your memory without your knowledge. Back when Scott composed music, his one of a kind music style was considered ‘experimental’. For me, this album (along side Toonerville Trolley) is one of the most unique jazz records ever made. Every song title fits the image that your mind congers up while listening to it. Raymond Scott was an amazing composer who has influenced pop culture from every outlet.

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8 Responses to “Music Mondays”

  1. Cla Says:

    I think Sigur Ros is terrible.

  2. privategrave Says:

    we should start an “I Hate Sigur Ros” club!

  3. TC Says:

    Monday mornings are for music and coffee at my place.

  4. Frank Says:

    Normally I love a pretense soaked band, but making up their own language and all that atonal mopery makes me want to eat glass. Consider me a charter member of the club.

  5. :: smo :: Says:

    still making my selections but you can be sure that pretty soon there will be some rockin versions of powerhouse and:

    coming from a certain purple saxophone.

    you have no idea how happy this makes me by the way. you just earned yourself a coffee shipment.

    • :: smo :: Says:

      scott and gertie, among other things made me totally not trust you when i first met you. i thought “no mere human could be this eclectically awesome, i can’t trust this person, they can’t exist!” FORTUNATELY i was totally wrong and you DO exist. aren’t you glad you exist? i sure am!

  6. monkeyKing Says:

    above ALL. Billie Holiday and Louis Armstrong… My Sweet Hunk O’ Trash. because its fun. (and i love to sing Satchmo’s part.)
    but if we’re talking albums (and favorite song) Tim Hardin singing Moonshiner. (even surpasses Leonard Cohens best.) *god bless those pretty women*.
    PS: i still have no idea wat Smo is writin bout.

  7. Francine Says:

    That is full of badassness. And I feel like that’s where Danny Elfman got his inspiration for all his weird, fluttery sounding music.

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