Springfield, Nevada

minimal Simpsons design by Albert Exergian

I grew up during a great time for television. Ren & Stimpy wasn’t yet considered unfit for children,  commercials were stil unavoidable, you could watch TGIF in 3D if you ate at Wendys (this is the only article that seems to mention its existence), Nick at Nite still played classic shows, and in 1997 you had the chance to LIVE in the Simpsons house.

Remember this?! It was around the time that someone made big bucks to create this masterpiece of a webpage.

I wasn’t a huge Simpsons fan but I remember how badly I wanted to live there, after seeing a TV host do a tour inside of the home. Its so colorful! Looking back, it reminds me a bit of the dorms from this entry.

Now, I have a couple of unanswered questions regarding the 90’s:

  • Why can’t I STILL find a piece of the agrocrag?
  • At whose epic pog party did I scratch up my Jock Jams cd?
  • Did anyones wish come true from rubbing the gem of a troll doll?
  • What kind of messed up phycological issues made me stick Pizza Gak up my nose and try to breathe, as a game?
  • How did Mountain Dew dominate of its far more tasty competitors like Surge and Mellow Yellow?
  • Where is that panty dropper from K7 and the Swing Kids who rhymed “innuendo” with “Nintendo”?
  • Did my dancing flower have a bad set of batteries, of did it just not like my Amy Grant cassette as much as I didn’t?
  • Why do I feel like its only been about 3 years since I’ve seen this commercial for Amazing Fruit Gummy Bears?
  • And who won that Simpsons house?

Thanks to Wikipedia and google, I now know the sad end to this childhood fantasy.

“The winner was Barbara Howard from Richmond, Kentucky. Howard chose not to accept the house, instead taking a cash payment per the contest rules. In 2001, after removing most the details relating to the television series the house was sold by the builder to another owner.

Ready Made tells me that she was apparently very old and taking care of her brother with cancer at the time of the win.

It now sits in the subdivision community undistinguishable for its neighboring homes.


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8 Responses to “Springfield, Nevada”

  1. Francine Says:

    I remember all of that, and the fact that I begged my parents to buy me Gak (“It’s only 3 bucks!”) and then got a huge rash from it. Nice.

    And I remember being so angry when I heard the woman didn’t actually take the house. I wanted it so badly. Why enter the contest if you don’t want the damn house?!

  2. Katie Says:

    I still have all my pogs.

  3. :: smo :: Says:

    you just brought a tear to my eye

  4. Booth83 Says:

    Damn you!! I’v worked long and hard to forget my childhood

  5. JC Says:

    The fear instilled in me during the first decade of millennium v2.0 infected some of the nostalgia I once had towards the things that defined my childhood in the 80’s and 90’s.
    Certainly, some things are better left forgotten, but I can’t help but appreciate the light you put on these things.
    Maybe next time you’ll post a video from the inside of a skate rink that still has Duran Duran, Tears for Fears, and Madonna on heavy rotation.

  6. Stephanie Mansueto Says:

    Puke.. Surge.. I used to chug it at Mizner.. Still not sure why.. but I did.. I don’t miss those days..

  7. Ivy Says:

    Pet rocks were all the rage when I was a kid. As were trolls.

    Thank you very much for the fuzzy little blood drop I sent for, it arrived yesterday and is now sitting pretty on my bedroom bookpile.

  8. Marco Catanach Says:

    Yoh , that’s really wonderful, Maddy will always be my idol, sure

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