Civil rights activist and cabaret performer Lena Horne died, yesterday. She was the lead female in Stormy Weather. An musical featuring an amazing cast of musicians like Cab Calloway and Fats Waller.

The song Stormy Weather was her standard song. Its a lovely little ditty.


4 Responses to “Stormy.”

  1. dietplaid Says:

    I always love when they sing this song on M*A*S*H. Such a shame.

  2. monkeyKing Says:

    i became a Lena Horne fan after seeing her on the Muppets Show.

  3. Frank Says:

    I was listening to Fats Waller records all weekend. I found as bunch of CDs that I had bought in college but had never found their way into my computer. It was a good Sunday.

  4. Booth83 Says:

    I first saw her on a PBS special about 4 years ago, she was a cool old broad

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