My Broken Cubical

I had recently recovered a hard drive full of music that I haven’t heard since high school, made myself a girly Ska mix, and spent all of yesterday partaking in my favorite spring time activity. SPRING CLEANING!

My non-cubicle was my favorite and most improved area.

Feel free to step into my office:

I don’t actually own a proper desk, so I took a panel of that cheap Ikea wood, and two .50 cent brackets  to create my own. The boxes that I attached to the belly of the desk were just CD and DVD holders that were on sale at some domestic house wife shop. I drilled them to the wood and now its a pretty good alternative to a real desk with drawers.

I have a pet peeve with seeing plugs and wires. They drive my minimal mind crazy, so this little desk addition made me pretty happy.

these finger hooks have been more useful to me than I had ever originally planed on them being.

I attached some coffee mug hooks to the underside of some shelves to that my printer and hard drive plugs would be easy to access.

I feel like the most important part of making my cubical into a place I want to sit at all day was to make it look as minimal, fun, and clutter free as possible. Step 1 was hiding my 4 external hard drives into places where they were still plugged in and easily accessible. This was made possible by my toy collection and really long firewire cables.

hidden drive #1

hidden drives #2 and #3

hidden drive#4 (bottom row with the green books)

The next step was tucking away my sewing supplies. This is where my vagabond blood came into use. I took some of my old hard suitcases and filled them up!

I found this oddly shaped hard suitcase on the street, a few years back. After bringing it home and painting over its mustard yellow coloring, I realized it fit my sewing machine perrrrrfectly.

Also in a small suitcase, are all my lesser used cords and cables:

I love my cable box. Its like a tool box for dorks.

For the cords I use on a more regular basis, I took a key holder that I bought from the Container Store and some binder clips to put this together:

I bought some plastic shoe holders at Ikea. They were cheap and came in a set of three, so that must mean I needed it, right?

I got them home to realize that I could only fit like 2 pairs of shoes in each one. Too stubborn to just toss them, I have spent the past couple of years trying to find a good purpose for them. They have held my socks, underwear, food, toys, nothing seemed to strike my container fancy until I became fed up with a few of my oversized sketch books.

Putting a can opener to this empty can of apple soda, turned it into one of my favorite containers. I kind of collect scissors. other things in my office collection:shells.


This cheap-o Ikea light was kind of an amazing purchase. Unfortunately, I couldn’t figure out how to install it properly and just wrapped fishing wire around the shelf until it held.

I’m pretty happy with getting all the major cleaning, organizing, and clutter trashing out of the way just in time for the season. I highly suggest getting on it, and watching this for motivation:

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26 Responses to “My Broken Cubical”

  1. ! Says:

    i was waiting to see your little office… i think i know someone that has that same exact chair. i sat in that chair for a long time once and i got a butt ache! i like how you surrounded yourself with all that beautiful art and bright white light! i like the skull, poison bottle and fingers. the shells pic is funny! i like your blues too. those are great ways of keeping organized , i would do things like that but i have learned not to just because people and things seem to just slip away. i learned to detach myself, but i do have some things like this at home. i elevated my vintage monitor with books just so it can be at eye level. ikea is great! i have recently purchased a very nice chair from there its all white and your butt wont ache on it ! its very comfortable, one could probably fall asleep in it. great pictures! too bad you didnt show your new tatto…
    im gonna listen to your mix in a bit…
    oh almost forgot, that fart at the end of the video is hilarious!
    have a good weekend!

  2. Francine Says:

    Ummmm this is kind of a little bit AWESOME. I don’t even know where to start…I love that card you’ve got hanging up, the CD holders with Polaroids in them, the finger hooks, the bowl of “shells”, the makeshift desk, everything neatly tucked away in its own place… I have a couple of those Ikea egg things. LOVE them.

    And Rocko’s Modern Life? Yeah, marry me, please. Thanks.

  3. Booth83 Says:

    That was a good show, cartoons nowadays just kinda suck, I feel sorry for the kids growing up watching this trash.

  4. AC Says:

    Coolest office EVAR!

    The creativity required just to set up an office that awesome wow’s me!

  5. Bianca Says:

    Wicked. You have a lot of stuff but it still looks really clean and minimalist. Love it.

  6. ! Says:

    your music playlist thingy was good! your a very romantic old soul! dont ever change, please! a good way to be a rebel with out a cause would probably be to not let this world harden you. stay true… later…

  7. Gala Says:

    Amazing. AMAZING.

  8. Laura Says:

    I covet your organizational and improvisational skills. Your faux cubicle looks awesome!

    I also feel I must inform you we are all-in-one printer twins.

  9. :: smo :: Says:

    this office is only lacking a fudgie the whale cake!

  10. Ivy Says:

    Oh my word, your apartment is fucking great! I love Spring cleaning and recently de-scuzzed my flat with a good deal of glee and enthusiasm. I usually do these things while listening to Classic Rock radio but this time it was to the sound of this grunge/nostalgia mix.

    DINOSAUR JR . . . back to your heart
    SONIC YOUTH . . . dirty boots
    JANITOR JOE . . . boys in blue
    MUDHONEY . . . if i think
    THE AMPS . . . tipp city
    NIRVANA . . . spank thru
    THROWING MUSES . . . call me
    MOTHER LOVE BONE . . . bone china
    STONE TEMPLE PILOTS . . . big empty
    ALICE IN CHAINS . . . would?
    L7 . . . one more thing
    NED’S ATOMIC DUSTBIN . . . kill your television
    JANE’S ADDICTION . . . ted, just admit it . . .
    MAZZY STAR . . . halah
    BELLY . . . slow dog
    PRIMUS . . . tommy the cat
    TAD . . . sex god missy

  11. Frank Says:

    Looks like a fun place to work, is American Tourister still in business? Those things are great. Anyway, I broke two ribs on Friday night, any suggestions?

  12. jennifer perkins Says:

    Glad I’m not the only person with shells in their studio (though mine are shotgun). Love the finger hooks, Black Flag poster and color coordinated book shelf. Oh and I agree vintage suitcases make the best storage.

  13. julia Says:

    i just randomly found another great way to hang cables, usb’s etc.

    i also love clear plastic containers from diy shops- thay are for storing nails and screws and all sort of hardware small objects, but they are also perfect for storing all small stuff laying around. AND they look nice, clean and minimalistic.

    plus i really do ENVY you those finger hooks. they are perfect!

  14. Dog Eared (April 30, 2010) Says:

    […] brings me right back to that joyous feeling of knowing a year of school is coming to a close. She tidied her office while listening to this […]

  15. A New Travel Companion. « Shoplifting in a Ghost Town Says:

    […] the 5 dollar hard suitcase I found at a thrift store in New Jersey. If you couldn’t tell from this entry, I’m becoming a bit of a collector of old suitcases. What’s not to […]

  16. Julie Says:

    Where did you get that flip clock? It looks mighty adorable 🙂

    Your office is incredible!

  17. Genoveva Reichard Says:

    Hi there to every body, it’s my first go to see of this web site; this blog consists of awesome and truly fine data for readers.|

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