Bring Spring

During a freakishly warm spell we had in Brooklyn, I had planned out a pleasant walk in the park. Soon after this thought, Mother Nature decided to give me the finger to remind me that my idea was a premature one.

The Parks Department saved the gloomy day by planting some cherry blossoms. A kind reminder that someday my spring will come….

Ready Made has put together a list of places where you can celebrate the cherry blossom festivals.

all photos by Chloe Rice


10 Responses to “Bring Spring”

  1. :: smo :: Says:

    i hear today’s supposed to turn around a bit, and by tomorrow we’re going to be lookin’ pretty good. i’m going to try and take advantage as best i can before we get snow in may or some crazyness.

    somehow you managed to make that crappy park look really nice, even on a cruddy day! great!!

  2. ! Says:

    speaking of freakish things, yesterdays daily responsibilities where met. at the same time it felt as if i was not present, as if i was just watching. pleasant! its nice to feel as if your relaxing when your really not.

    those pics of trees are pretty! i hope your spring does come someday, i think you deserve it…

  3. Francine Says:

    It’s on its way, don’t you worry.

    Wait…there it is! LOOK OUT, IT’S COMIN RIGHT FOR US!

  4. Laura Says:

    Personally, I can’t wait to go here:

  5. Isa Says:

    You should get a formspring and answer hilarious questions. Go 🙂

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