We Are Friend. (97-99/365)

This is Krysti. She came up to visit me this week, and I don’t remember the last time I have laughed until I cried so often.

When we were about 13 years old, I was speaking to her on the phone while my mom was yelling at me for some reason or another and wanted me to get off. As if Krysti couldn’t hear this woman, I told her I had to go because I was in trouble. Krysti refused to let me get off the phone. Not until I made a monster noise.

I spent nearly 5 minutes hiding in my room, whispering over the phone that my mom was reeeeeally pissed and I couldn’t do that, only to have her cut me off and demand a monster noise!

By this point, my mother was livid, I was trying to hold back my laughs sooo hard that i was tearing up, and everyone in Krysti’s household was laughing loudly and anticipating what would happen next.

I let out a dinosaur-like peeping sound hoping to make my friend happy, but not to agitate my mom anymore by hearing me not take her seriously.


So I did! I made some piercingly loud, utterly ridiculous sound to counteract my mothers babble and cursing in the next room….then my mom dropped a dish, came over, and everything kind of went black.

I don’t think there was a time that I hung out with Krysti and didn’t return home to getting my ass kicked.  A consequence that was always worth the adventure.

To this day, Krysti breaks up an unfortunate scenario by making a monster noise or playing dead.

Her personality has remained as animated as it was when we met, roughly 13 years ago. Its so difficult to meet people who are able to hold such a bright and carefree outlook on life, while still remaining intelligent and level headed.

She heads home today and I’m not NOT slightly bummed.


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19 Responses to “We Are Friend. (97-99/365)”

  1. Francine Says:

    Daaawwwwww, this was cute.

    So, were you guys at a rainbow slaughterhouse or what?

  2. JC Says:

    “Its so difficult to meet people who are able to hold such a bright and carefree outlook on life, while still remaining intelligent and level headed.”

    Well, you can’t have them all Chloe.
    Recognizing one friend of yours who possesses those unique qualities and appreciating it like you do is more than what many others have.
    Just try to make the most with whom you already have in your life.
    Don’t worry over the people that have yet to come.
    You will meet more people who have a similar affect on your life as Krysti, because you will always attract that. Don’t discount the importance of your friendship to someone else. Because what Krysti is to you, you may be to somebody else. To you and Krysti and all friends *raises water bottle*

    • ohChloe Says:

      I hope this didn’t become misinterpreted.
      I think all of my friends are important, unique, and refreshing in they’re own way.
      I would never befriend someone just to have them on my side, unless I enjoyed they’re ups and downs.

      *cheers’ your water bottle*

  3. flower mash Says:

    From the looks of it you participated in some form of holi.
    I recently watched outsourced on instant netflix and now all I want to do is have pigment thrown at me.

    Or maybe your wonderful friend is just that carefree and convinced you to experiment with body pain!

    Awesome either way.

    • ohChloe Says:

      You’re right! We did participate in Holi!!!
      Although I don’t think that means that we wouldn’t just throw colored talcum powder at each other on a casual day, as well.
      I liked that documentary.
      Have you seen that episode of 30 Days where they dealt with outsourcing?
      Also very interesting.

  4. ! Says:

    the phone story is hilarious! that reminds me of an incident. my friends and I slept over some other friends house ( there where like 5 people in one room, trying to sleep) we had partied all day , and at about 3A.M. one of my male friends decided to play with himself ,because i guess he thought everyone was at sleep. i was still awake and i could hear everything!it was so awkward and I felt bad. i tried to make noises to show that i was awake, but he would only stop for a little while and then continue “taking care of himself”.all of a sudden one of my female friends whom i thought was at sleep made a super loud noise like sort of what a donkey makes, like a “HEEEE HAWWWW” .it was so hilarious and woke up the 2 other people . we turned on the lights and we just laughed for a long time. we laughed so hard that we didnt even speak or i guess remember about the guy masterbating.

    nice colors on the pic.i like the greens ,yellows and purples. i like the leopard thing going on your shirt also. however you managed to do that seems like it was fun! how very colorful!!
    your lucky to have such good friends all around you,seems you got a lot to be happy about.stay colorful!

  5. Laura Says:

    There’s nothing quite like having that friend who is always a consistently hilarious ray of sunshine in your life. I miss it. Damn geographical isolation.

    • ohChloe Says:

      I know. We need to build an island for all of out friends and do everything in our power to prevent it from becoming a Lord of the Flies situation

  6. Cafe Fashionista Says:

    Oh, she sounds like such a fun person! I absolutely adore people who are very animated and lively!! 🙂

  7. James 'the BEAR' Says:

    This girl lives up to all the hype. She was pretty hilarious

  8. beejellyfish Says:

    awwww chloeeeeee! she seems GREAT! i wish she lived here. *pout*


  9. monkeyKing Says:

  10. monkeyKing Says:

    tried to embed a cute relevant video. but you are now obviously filtering out cute content.

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