Muddled (87/365)

The other day, as the snow melted, and I took the dog for her usual walk around the block, she did that thing that everyone is guilty of. She leaped right into a huge murkey puddle that she had mistaken for solid ground.

Poor pup

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6 Responses to “Muddled (87/365)”

  1. Laura Says:

    I hate when my dog comes back from a walk all grimey. Then she shakes in the kitchen and splashes that sickly gray water on everything.


    • ohChloe Says:

      yeah I’m so anal that that isn’t even an option.
      I hold her away from me with one arm, like a dirty diaper, and let her shake in the shower.
      Perhaps I am a true poodle owner.

  2. flower mash Says:


    Should just throw her in the dryer, the (terrifying) snuggle bear loves it apparently.

  3. ! Says:


  4. ! Says:

    forgot.nice “shoplifting in a ghost town” thing!

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