Hoop you have a good weekend

My friend came back from Los Angeles, last night, with TWO POUNDS of Black Cat Espresso beans!

Its like a coke dealer going straight from Columbia to a bar on the Lower East side on Thursday night, over here.

I’ve got so much energy that I’ve decided to show that I can hula hoop for an entire Charles Bronson song without messing up!…well almost.

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18 Responses to “Hoop you have a good weekend”

  1. CLDWL Says:

    You are too cute. The video is the best thing I’ve seen recently. You have talent, lady!

  2. Booth83 Says:

    Where do you learn these things? or is it just natural awesomeness?

  3. JC Says:

    I feel like this hula hoop clip should be a part of a bigger montage sequence.
    Perhaps placed somewhere between you hurling expired strawberry milk-filled water balloons out of your window onto the streets below, and shaving your legs with a bowie knife while watching a 1990 episode of Life Goes On with a tear in your eye and burnt out roach stuck to your bottom lip.

  4. ! Says:

    yep! coffe… that can be dangerous. im super sensitive to coffe to the point of being ridiculous! your good with the hula hoop, and the “bonk” at the end is funny.have a good weekend!

  5. :: smo :: Says:

    tell me more about these black cat beans…

  6. Jacob T Says:

    Magic. Pure magic.

  7. Isa Says:

    You are so cute 🙂 Hod wo you stay so thin? What do you eat? Do you work out a lot or just good genes?

    • ohChloe Says:

      you are way flattering!
      I gained 20 lbs in the past year, so I dont know how to stay thin.
      Swimming may keep me from getting confused for jabba the hut, most of the time, maybe (?)

  8. Rach Says:

    this exploded in my face as blearily opened my google reader this morning. amazing.

  9. Isa Says:

    You gained 20 pounds? I wonder where they went 😉

  10. Cor Says:

    You’ve discovered that rhythm can’t simply be stumbled upon in a Charles Bronson song, but it must be created!

  11. Bettina May Says:

    You like Charles Bronson, and so I like you more. Thrash!!

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