ohJoy! (81-85/365)

I’ve been slacking on my 365 photo project, but instead of cheating and backdating different photo entries, I’m just going to roll them all into this entry about things I love, recently.

So put that in your cup of tea and stir it!


Adding eyelashes to everything: (81/365) Models in in magazines, coffee stains on my white desk, ducks I’ve sewn. Everything is more fun with lashes.

Birthday parties for places. Not people. (82/365)

Music! (83/365) I’ve been listening to a lot of Television Personalties and Gogol Bordello while I work and clean. Keeps me awake, makes me smile, and furthers my boner for Eugene Hutz.

Eugene Hutz: The above featured photo truly is like Magic Eye for vaginas. We both wear torn socks on our arms, stem from Eastern Europe, and drink wine from the bottle. I think thats a good base for marriage, no?

Cartoons and comics: I’ve watched nearly every episode of Flapjack and read all of the Winsor McCay in my house since its been raining outside.

The Kitchen: I love my office. Its got stacks of hard drives, good speakers, all of my pens and scissors in neat little tins, and a huge window in place of a wall. I could sit there all day but now that its snowing, its been slightly too chilly to be so close to an 8 ft tall window for more than an hour. So I’ve grabbed the laptop and relocated to the kitchen! I like it here, too. I’m within arms reach to fresh coffee and the cookie jar.

Handmade jewelry: (84/365) Bee stopped by the other day and bedazzled a pair of harmonica earrings she made me for Christmas. It inspired me to make some earrings of my own! So I went through my bone collection and made a simple pair out of buffalo teeth. I love them!

This snow: (85/365) This morning, still too tired to get my layers on, I took the dog out in the anti outfit: A slip, cotton hoodie, and Doc Martins. I was fully aware of the huge chunks of snow falling from the sky and the fact that I was about to catch a cold. But when I got outside and it was actually pretty nice out. I wasn’t freezing and it wasn’t cold enough for the snow to stick. I pranced around the snow and stepped in puddles for a while before coming back up and making some tea. Now, I’m just enjoying the view from the other side.

other things I’m enjoying:

  • Emails of personalized poems from friends.
  • Getting Netflix and handwritten letters in the mail, on the same day.
  • The thought of going to Los Angeles for a visit, soon.
  • My tumblr. WordPress, take note on layouts for idiots.
  • Stocking up for some gluten free baking supplies.
  • Hipster Puppies!
  • One of my favorite Floridan ladies coming up to visit, next week.
  • Cigarettes in old tin cases.
  • “Life is like a sewing machine bobbin. You never know what you’ll get tangled up in”
  • Getting a hilarious email that ends with “so yeah. I hope you enjoyed your trip to jail”
  • This project that I will be taking on next week! (but instead of the Warhol, I’m feeling more inspired by the above photo)
  • doing fun childlike things. Like this girl gets to do this entire video!
  • Sparking water with artificial cherry
  • Scent of a Woman and other Al Pacino movies
  • clicking on a link called “see Mike Pattons penis” and expecting to not see Mike Pattons penis.
  • wearing bright colors with my black hair
  • ginger dipped in dark chocolate
  • Helping with causes for friends
  • being called “tough guy”
  • swimming laps 4 times a week
  • magnolia trees
  • grass and dirt. I can’t wait for it to get here!

le’ bass line

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23 Responses to “ohJoy! (81-85/365)”

  1. :: smo :: Says:

    back in 2006 during the height and prosperity of my first new york mustache [not to be confused with previous rochester installments] i found myself for some reason the only individual at the 2nd avenue V stop. As I left the platform a man walked on who gave me the kindred mustache buddy nod greeting which i also executed simultaneously. It wasn’t until returning to the surface that i realized said individual was eugene hutz. it was a proud day for my mustache and i.

  2. Gala Says:

    Ginger dipped in dark chocolate is one of my favouritest things! You must tell me where you got it. But you’re all crafty & shit so maybe you just MADE it… Hmm. I miss you! The snow is sucking my will to live. I have polka-dot shoes arriving so you just KNOW we gotta document them! Other than that I think we should also
    1) eat humongous sandwiches
    2) go to a stupid party or two
    3) create a teleportation system.
    Also my room is a big fugly mess & it is making me crazy, I keep thinking, WWCD? but I don’t have your brain so it isn’t working… Heeeeelp meeee… Gurgle.


    • ohChloe Says:

      They sell chocolate covered gingers at Trader Joes. I tried making them, but they’re just not as good.

      We need to do so much before you go south!!!
      I’m sledding over soon!

  3. Francine Says:

    Those earrings are badass.

    Can we see some office pictures? I’d love to check out that huge window!

  4. apintobean Says:

    I love Gogol, Eugene and your posts. 🙂 They are playing this tuesday at the Irving Plaza! 🙂

  5. ! Says:

    stretching is great, i like to hang and hear my back crack.cute ducks.b-days for places,thats different! television personalities seems good, i like the one song you posted.the other bands song about purple is nice , i like the message it gives. i like wine! eastern europe? what country do you stem from? i always see that huge little nemo book in stores, it seems interesting. i use to play the little nemo video game, it was fun.thats weird, i would of thought the kitchen would be colder. those harmonica earings are cool! the buffalo teeth earings you made are nice. i saw buffalo in the city once, i think they where there for a filming of a commercial or something,they look scary and so huge up close.your lucky to have snow in the city! ha! the puppies with glasses! tin cases are useful.good luck on the project.you do seem pretty tough! swimming is my favorite, i like the feeling after one has finished swimming for a long period of time.magnolia trees are beutiful! good song.
    its wonderful that you have joy!

  6. ! Says:

    forgot. al pacino has good movies, i like the devils advocate. did your ribs get better?

    • ohChloe Says:

      That movies so good that not even keanu reeves could ruin it.
      They’re as good as I can imagine for not taking care of them properly. Thanks for asking!

  7. Jacob T Says:

    Hi Chloe. I like your journal.
    You’ve got a pretty cute brain.
    Let’s bump heads again soon, ok? Ok.

  8. Laura Says:

    How does one acquire a bone collection, might I ask? Harkening back to the days of Vesalius, are we? We should take a trip to the catacombs of Paris.

    And the snow… oh man, how I love the fucking snow! Heading out there right now!

    • ohChloe Says:

      Every time I’m in LA I get a few bags at this place called Necromance for really cheap.
      And there is this guy who lives in the wilderness who sells bones on cigarboxnation.com.
      Hes like my dead thing loving penpal.

      I would love to go to the catacombs but it doesn’t work well with my hatred for the French.
      HOWEVER I am taking a trip out to Dead Horse Bay as soon as the weather permits.
      hint. hint.

  9. Ivy Says:

    This post made me decide to turn my many pairs of holey but much-loved striped socks into gloves. You have provided a public service! Many thanks.

    • ohChloe Says:

      whhhhat?! How do you make gloves out of socks? I need this information to make snowballs without loosing feeling in my digits

      • Ivy Says:

        I’m turning them into fingerless gloves. I don’t like gloves with fingers, I don’t know why – but I’m a sucker for woollen mittens. Anyway, I cut the foot off at the heel, make a thumb hole and then stitch to prevent fraying. They’re knee-length socks so they stretch over my elbow and give me toasty arms. I think I’m a little bit in love with my sock gloves.

  10. Miss Sofia Says:

    I’ve actually met Eugene in more than one occasion! He lives in Rio de Janeiro (where I live!) part of the time, and hang out at the same clubs and bars I hang out at. He’s completely crazy, always drunk, and super fun.

    One time he saw me sing at a Karaoke bar, and I was super duper embarrassed. Hahahahaha.

  11. Hassan Muske Says:

    beautiful advice and sharing,I will buy one this nice socks for me .thanks

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