Ying Yang (80/365)

a self portrait from today

I recently took a look back at old journals and sketch books from when I was 15 and these seem to be the things that have never changed and that hopefully never will:

  1. My favorite food is tako. Japanese for octopus.
  2. My favorite action is peeling things. Anything from oranges to glue off my hands.
  3. My favorite smell is a tie between Windex, sulfur, and  Gardenias (which has been bottled up and sold as a spray).
  4. My favorite color is white. It makes me think of a blank canvas or a clean room.
  5. The best album ever is the Shape of Punk to Come by Refused. Its not even my opinion. Its just a fact.

What are your favorites? Perhaps you’ll change my mind…

  1. Food:
  2. Action:
  3. Smell:
  4. Color:
  5. Album:

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28 Responses to “Ying Yang (80/365)”

  1. Francine Says:

    Your blog is damn fun. I’m just gonna move in.

    1. Although sushi makes me ridiculously happy (tuna and salmon especially), I’d have to say a big bowl of pasta in homemade tomato sauce is the best ever (eep! My Italian is showing!).

    2. Action: Typing. Seriously. There’s just something about hitting the keys that’s very relaxing to me (especially the newer, flatter Mac keyboards).

    3. Smell: It’s a toss-up between cookies baking and my tomato sauce cooking. Also, magazine pages.

    4. Color: Pretty much any shade of blue or purple.

    5. Album: I rarely like an entire album, but I’d have to say “Ziggy Stardust” changed how I viewed music. But on a more generic and boring note, “Joshua Tree” by U2 (I know, I know…)

    Also, your haaaaaiiiiirrrrr! I like.

    • ohChloe Says:

      OH typing is a good one!

      Ziggy Stardust was a life changing one for me too! My middle school teacher gave me a copy of it and the minute I hear the beginning of “five years” I still get chills.

      Thanks for the compliment, Francine!

  2. Ivy Says:

    1. Cheese, in all its varieties.

    2. Stretching – myself first thing in the morning, elastic bands, peoples’ patience.

    3. Flash bathroom spray, old books, tea tree.

    4. Red and black, preferably together.

    5. ‘In A Doghouse’ by Throwing Muses.

  3. Laura Says:

    Your hair! I like it! Must see it in person, lady. Anyway, here we go:

    1) Bread. Undoubtedly, unequivocally, irrevocably, bread.

    2) Swinging on a swing. There are few things that make me genuinely happy.

    3) Leather. Or gasoline.

    4) Teal. It’s essentially the perfect color.

    5) God, that Refused album is good. To be honest, I don’t think I have a favorite. There are songs that fuck up my insides and make my heart melt or sends me into a fit of rage. But I’d say Pretty on the Inside changed my world view, and is thus important to me.

    I leave you with this: http://www.asseenontv.com/prod-pages/btp_cup_cke_ontv.html

    • ohChloe Says:

      Swinging makes me so happy! I also find it slightly addictive.

      I was hoping you would send me that link
      Every time the cake made a thudding sound I “lol’d”

      I think we should get one!!

  4. TC Says:

    OhChloe indeed, I wandered in a while ago, and now I’m following…

    1.Food: Maguro, tuna. Octopus is amazing, though.
    2.Action: Wrenching. Taking things apart, and putting them together, especially with a socket wrench or impact driver. And with as much grease and god-awful bad 70’s/80’s metal as possible.
    3.Smell: Dry leaves in the fall.
    4.Color: Green.
    5.Album: I Against I, but sometimes LOA’s Ugly.

    • ohChloe Says:

      You can’t go wrong with sushi in general.
      Im always torn between my favorite bad brains album.
      I Against I? Bad Brains? Black Dots? ITSJUSTSOGOOD

  5. JC Says:

    1. Main dish: Falafel over a Greek Salad, Desert: Apple Cobbler.

    2. The involuntary action of my brain suddenly releasing serotonin followed by adrenaline and triggering confidence. Commonly induced by sexual interaction, or accomplishing something major in life – like completing an art project, re-organizing my room, or buying a retro pair of Air Jordan shoes.

    3. Tie: Fresh brewed coffee & Vagina

    4. Turquoise

    5. Outkast Aquemini

  6. monkeyKing Says:

    1. shrimp. shrimp on pasta. shrimponastick. shrimp w/rice. shrimp. yes.
    2. pedalling a bicycle. do it steadily for over an hour and its the best and cheapest high available.
    3. the beach. or maybe a good barley wine.
    4. carbon fiber (dark grey). looks best with bright yellow against it.
    5. currently… Mad Dogs and Englishman. only because Leon is the best. and it is too much fun to jump around and scream like Joe… *gimme a ticket fo an aireplane…*

  7. :: smo :: Says:

    that picture is so fucking adorable it’s retarded. there, i said it.

    favorites are hard for me i’m not good with definitive things.

    1. Food: i’ve always really loved pizza. but specifically the kind my family makes [that’s right we have a family dough recipe]. my dad’s home made iced tea is my favorite beverage.

    2. Action: peeling glue off your hands is hard to beat, but i really love jumping, mario 2 and the charge up jump may have done this to me. jump kicks are rad too.

    3. Smell: from my youth: i once got a plastic wallet inside a box of trix, it smelled amazing. sort of like that new car plastic seat smell but refined with a hint of fake lemon. it’s my favorite scent memory. i’m also attracted to the smell of those synthetic bubble pipes. i react pretty strongly to smells, my dad doesn’t have a sense of smell and i used to smell things in the fridge to confirm “is this still good?” which i still do. it’s also how i know i should be doing laundry…i associate smells with people too. if you suddenly change deodorants i may get confused and run.

    oh! my grandmother used to make pasta sauce with onions. well she’s just caramelize some onions and put in prego or something but that smell is awesome. comfort smell, but now kind of nostalgic and bummin. good thing i’m a depression eater!

    4. Color: i base this on crayons: cerulean. with jungle green as an alternate. this is why i tend toward a hint of turquoise. my favorite hex color is #339999. i use it a lot [my bag for one]

    5. Album: frodus: and we washed our weapons into the sea. close behind are raft of dead monkeys: thoroughlev and the blue meanies: full throttle.

    i’m bad at this game.

  8. monkeyKing Says:

    beeteadoubleU: todays picture of you and Charly is tops.

  9. ! Says:

    what a great photo! your hair looks nice ,mysterious! your hair looks good on you no matter what color or style.

    i like:

    food– –i would like to only eat meat ,but thats kind of hard to do.so i like steak tacos . i also throw away the buns on burgers and only eat the lettuce tomato and beef patty. mainly meat i guess. cheddar chesse on things also.

    action—- i cant stay still for long. so i guess i like to move around alot. i jump from subject to subject in my brain.im extremely nervous. i like to watch and analyze people.i like to explore and wander.

    smell—- i freaking love colognes and perfumes. sometimes i feel like buying girl perfumes . right now i like Sexual for men cologne. i also like to burn sage in my house. one of the top things i love of this world would have to be colognes and perfumes.i remember you smelled really good.your perfume stayed on my shirt.

    color— i think my favorite color is blue. i like it when people dress colorful. i like color a lot. i dont realy dress in a lot of different colors though.

    album—-thats a hard one! i like all kinds of music. i like the crow soundtrack ever since it came out. i like the joshua tree by u2 also.led zepplin mother ship is great ,but thats a greatest hits i think. i like all sorts of music punk, classic rock, classical,country,new wave, rockabilly,psychobilly, love songs.

  10. ! Says:

    almos forgot, in the picture it looks like there is a heart in your eye!

  11. krysti pryde Says:

    You’re black now just like me! in hair and in spirit. I just want to ball you up and roll you around in my mouth.

    1. Food: i actually love octopus, too. a lot. but – id have to say my favorite foods are string cheese and yogurt. reminds me of bag lunches from elementary school.

    2. Action: jumping. jmping for pictures, on trmpolines, into bushes, onto people – whatever!

    3. Smell: funeral homes. a mix of dried flowers and musty carpet. demeter fragerance bottles this scent and i wear it often.

    4. Color: RED RED RED.

    5. Album: Shape of Punk to Come is SO FUCKING GOOD. But my favorite is Cursive – Domestica. hands down.

    im coming to abduct you soon. brace yourself.

  12. kelley Says:

    #5 – I agree. 100%

  13. ! Says:

    your tumblr looks great!

  14. Fen Says:

    Food: definitely sushi, I could eat this 24/7 and not tire of it

    Action: lying on my back in the water at the beach, letting the waves wash under me, so relaxing (unless of course you’re at a surf beach!)

    Smell: old fashioned freesias, that smell makes my heart soar

    Color: purple

    Album: Balance 005 – James Holden, for about a year I listened to this album every single night when I went to bed, I think it’s imprinted onto my soul.

  15. Ian Says:

    food: bangers and mash

    action: stretch my calves and feet after 12 or more hours on my feet

    smell: rain, the combination of coffee & cigarettes, pretty girl hair

    color: red & grey

    album: difficult. my album of the last decade is the wrens- “meadowlands”. hands down.

  16. Rog Says:

    1. Food: Pizza in NY. 2. Action: Riding my Harley. All my problems melt away while I am on my bike. 3. Smell: Guess perfume on a girl, courtesy of a crush I had in 9th grade. 4. Baby blue. 5. Album: Pink Floyd’s Meddle. The most inspiring and beautiful songs ever.

  17. frank Says:

    Food: Korean Food, specifically Kimchi Jigae but that is probably because I don’t get to eat it very often (no Korean places in town). I’d likely get tired of it if I ate this soup regularly

    Action: Waking up, boring maybe but everything seems like it is going to turn out okay when you first get up from a good sleep

    Smell: Someone moping the floor with Pinesol while smoking a menthol cigartette. I grew up with a house keeper and when my parents were away she would smoke in the house but only when she was cleaning so it would cover the smell. These two together remind me of being a kid.

    Color: Blue on Tan, the way the sky looks against fields in the winter

    Album: Hard to say, obviously. Right this moment I have been listening to the Bowerbirds “Upper Air” a lot, but it would not hold up to the desert island test… Maybe Bach’s Saint Matthew’s Passion, you know, if I could never listen to anything else ever again… it would take me a long time to get tired of that.

  18. ! Says:

    i have been thinking a little more about this, and i think radiohead ok computer was an album i have liked since it came out. i also like to peel dry glue of my hands. i use to do that in sixth grade i got in trouble for it too. i also listened to joy division a lot im not sure what the album name is though,it might be “closer”.i hope your feeling good. i noticed that quite a few people have been feeling down.on ash wednesday i was feeling like trash,but i feel good now though.dont let the blues in they can make you sick, i heard that somewhere.later…

  19. omi Says:

    some answers from a random follower!

    1. Food: homemade hummus, dad’s mac n cheese, anything vietnamese
    2. Action: pulling: lint from the dryer filter, weeds from sidewalk cracks. digging my toes into: sand, grass, mud. wrapping myself in freshly cleaned still-warm fleece blankets. popping bubble wrap.
    3. Smell: rain on pavement, cooking jasmine rice, fresh timothy hay, clean laundry.
    4. Color: depends, i love any color glass with sunshine shining through it…
    5. Album: i love Ágætis Byrjun by Sigur Rós, for so many different reasons…

  20. Justin Says:

    Food-artisan breads…even though I’m not suppose to eat them. Which makes it more delightful when I do give in.

    Action-anything honestly. I’m just grateful to have a functiong body.

    Smell-freash rain or cut grass, which is funny since I don’t care for the country side, lol.

    Color-Black. But more so contrasting colors.

  21. Justin Says:

    Forgot the music question-
    Motley Crue-Girls Girls Girls
    Yeah I know. Just shush. (lol)

  22. Kristina Says:

    food; trail mix. especially trail mix with lots of almonds, dried apricots, and chocolate chips.
    action; breathing deeply.
    smell; rain in the forest. all green and fresh and delish. and also the smell right before it starts to snow. its crispy.
    color; royal blue, yellow, and purple.
    album; the soundtrack for The Rocky Horror Picture Show.

  23. Stephanie Says:

    Food: Steak. Bloody Fucking Steak.
    Action: Stretching. All the time.
    Smell: Fresh out of the dryer laundry.
    Color: Orange. To me, it means happiness.
    Album: Nurses Left /Right Hand.. or at least for now it is.

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