Duh Bear (77/365)

My friend James is full of random ridiculous quotes and ideas. So much so that I’ve made a twitter account to document the things that he says that make me laugh, sometimes.

One of his ridiculous ideas was to become a bear. So with the help of a brown hoodie, some fake fur, and some scrap felt, I’m making it happen.

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5 Responses to “Duh Bear (77/365)”

  1. ! Says:

    ha! he is funny! who bought the chinchilla a type writer!! ha ha! thats cool your gonna make him a bear ha!

  2. anniemess Says:

    So weird, I just made Luna a super grover hoodie that looks so much the same! I LOVE animal hoodies.

  3. Laura Says:

    But… bear’s are the devil’s spawn!

  4. Scopitone Says:

    Nice. My girlfriend has been capturing the terrible (out of context) things I say at http://twitter.com/balefap

  5. TC Says:

    I want a bear hoodie!

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