Pins And Needles (74/365)

Im having a hard time getting motived, today. Blame whatever vices, you will.

Sometimes (preferable when its warmer out and my Nintendo DS is fully charged) I wish the power would just go out for days and I would have to continuously find new ways to entertain myself without photoshop, instant netflix, and sticking my tongue into electrical sockets.


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5 Responses to “Pins And Needles (74/365)”

  1. ! Says:

    yeah! electronics hypnotize me sometimes. the other day i was playing some video game about blowing up stuff and 4 hours went by like nothing.

  2. monkeyKing Says:

    i found it difficult to get motivated today too. i blamed it on the weather. (but now thatyou mention vices…) a two hour long hike thru the snowy woods with the tuff chihuahua, didn’t fire me up, but least left me feeling like a got some cardio done. (now for some guilt-free pizza and beer.)

  3. :: smo :: Says:

    i hadn’t used my DS since tour, but i started playing dragon quest V and it immediately owned my life for 50 hours. me attempting to not drink coffee hasn’t helped my motivation either. i’ve got a lot of work to do too.

    sometimes i think; my favorite cartoons are from the 1930s and 40s, back then there were no computers, no cell phones, no ipods, etc…maybe if i shut myself off from all those modern things i could zap myself more into a mindset where i could do better work too. but when i try it comes with a similar shock as suddenly not drinking coffee does. and then i take a bunch of naps.

    maybe some day i’ll hit it. but for now i’m still treading water…let me know if you figure out a good way to make it happen!

  4. ! Says:

    happy valentines day! have a great day!

  5. JC Says:

    Tonguing electrical sockets just to get sparks between you and something else seems a bit desperate. But hey, as a kid I can remember tonguing 9 volt batteries so I guess you’re just taking it to the next level.

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