A Good Friend (72/365)

This is Laura. When we were younger we wrote sweet ‘zines. She would rant about our corrupt political system with her glue spiked hair. I walked around school with a doll as a cell phone case, raving about my love for Steve Clue.

Laura once told me that a good friendship is one when you can meet up with someone you haven’t seen for months and not get offended by the fact that time has passed. Just continue where you left off.

Lauras a good friend.

Last year she introduced me to Cuban foods. Today, I introduced her to Mood.

Success all around!


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7 Responses to “A Good Friend (72/365)”

  1. ! Says:

    oh , she sounds great! she is right, everything is so corrupt.it sometimes gets me sad.religion is involved in everything, all the movies and internet is full of all of that corruption even the food we eat. the food industry is so messed up. everything goes down to our leaders. now our leaders want to take over the world.last year something in my brain went berserk and i changed so much. i threw away most of the stuff and people that take me down the wrong path.i think it might have been some spiritual thing, i suddenly saw everything in a different light. it felt like i was going crazy! at the same time people where getting in my way. all these big companies, they are evil! i felt so weird i cant even describe it. all i think i know is that all this existence feels like a big scheme.we are so under control that we cant do anything about it. its sad. life is not about money! sorry for this rant. im going crazy again…

  2. Jen B Says:

    Agreed. I haven’t seen my best friend for 4 years. Doesn’t make a scarp of difference.


    *sobs into cup of tea*

  3. Laura Says:

    Aw shucks! That was nice.

    I still have copies of those zines, if you’re ever interested in ~walking down memory lane~.

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