No More ‘Who Dat’, please. (68/365)

Ah, Super Bowl. The best excuse to drink booze, eat meat, and scream spontaneously for several hours on a Sunday night. I spent my night “tweeting” about my night.


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4 Responses to “No More ‘Who Dat’, please. (68/365)”

  1. Frank Says:

    A bunch of my friends went to Bar None for the game. I bet it was a blast. WHO DAT!

  2. Francine Says:

    Pete Townsend does his little windmill guitar playing move about 37 times, night adequate.

  3. :: smo :: Says:

    i was infinitely confused by the muno appearance. i kept saying HEY! THAT’S THE CYCLOPS FROM THE AQUABATS! WHAT’S IT DOING IN THAT CAR?!

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