Turning Terminal 5 into a Nite Klub

Pre Sale tickets are up! Sweet Jesus yes! Everything about this post needs an exclamation point!


Lets get stoked, listen to them, and have a pizza party!

““Why must you record my phone calls? Are you planning a bootleg LP?””


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12 Responses to “Turning Terminal 5 into a Nite Klub”

  1. Courtney Says:

    SHIT YES! I love The Specials!! I’m not in NY though, in fact, it’s all the way across the country. fiddleshits… They should play Portland.


    • ohChloe Says:

      They ARE playing Cochella this year. Thats a bit closer, at least.
      I was about to book my ticket to LA just for it, before I was told of this show. I would make a pilgrimage for this. Ha

  2. ! Says:

    ghost town! it reminds me of aladdin.

  3. monkeyKing Says:

    no! shit! The Specials?! (in retrospect… ’77 was an awesome year.)

  4. Moira Says:

    I knew I’d should love you the moment you named your flickr
    Organ Splitter but this… Oh Chloe

  5. :: smo :: Says:

    i’ll see you at the nite club…

    you little bitch!!!

  6. Ivy Says:

    I saw The Specials in November last year and they were pure fucking magic.

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