I haven’t compiled a good list, in a while…so hi! Here are some things I love about life, recently:

  • walking around the city taking photos with nothing but my 24mm lens
  • watching The Dick Van Dyke Show on Netflix
  • speaking German to my dog and having her tilt her head in confussion
  • sliding on the hardwood floors with socks on

Dannys knuckles

  • the smell of Windex
  • this weird dress
  • Walking down 9th Ave. and having a very kindhearted friend I haven’t seen in nearly a year put his arm around me, say I’ve missed you, and walk back toward the train
  • Planning dates at the Chelsea Hotel and Philly, around Valentines day
  • Tuesday brunches with Bee Jellyfish

My freshly cleaned desktop

  • Alphabet mugs with the letter C
  • Fresh Directs peanut butter cupcakes.
  • drinking bubbly water out of a huge wine glass

  • This old drawing that my friend AJ made of us. I miss him terribly.
  • bw&wtf tumblr
  • Attractive men sending me nude photos of attractive ladies
  • My stork embroidery scissors
  • Curl Up And Dies “Unfortunately We’re Not Robots” album
  • “Living with a poodle is like sleeping with an ugly girl. Lots of dudes do it….probably won’t admit it.”

– my room mate

  • :swoon:

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7 Responses to “ohJoy”

  1. ! Says:

    good list! that is funny when dogs tilt their head.sliding is cool.the cupcake dress is fun. the mustard dispenser is so cool.nice mug.good drawing.funny tumblr.neat scissors.fun rommate.great dancing video.swoon is nice. nice out fit. great knuckles.funny desktop.its great that your happy!

  2. ! Says:

    oh, and I almost forgot! your hands are pretty.

  3. dave Says:

    awesome wallpaper! where’d you get it?

  4. Fashion Serial Killer Says:

    ooh those are all good likes!

  5. Phebe Bontemps Says:

    yeah excellent story 😀 …;)

  6. Antonio Kunau Says:

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