Best Use of a Bugatti

Howard Stern once half jokingly said that Jay Leno is a guy who stares at the wall … and waits to go to work.

Jay Leno left his studio at NBC, and whimpered in the lobby like a dog left in the rain, long enough for them to let him back in.


I don’t watch television enough to care about what is happening with it, most of the time. Although I do love Conan and this week hes really going out with the best fuck you, for a network that doesn’t physically allow curing.


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2 Responses to “Best Use of a Bugatti”

  1. :: smo :: Says:

    i haven’t watched conan on the tonight show until recently, but i’ve been watching it every night as of late.

    last night he bought the kentucky derby winner, and had it wearing a mink snuggie while watching restricted superbowl footage. i’m going to try and have people over tonight to watch the last one.

    it’s weird having worked on the show sort of, just having it gone to make way for less funny talk shows. i didn’t tune in all the time but when i did it was always entertaining. sigh.

  2. :: smo :: Says:

    oh also here’s martha stewart pole dancing:

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