Death is Retarded.

Jay Retarded was a eclectic lo-fi musician. I gatewayed into music he was involved with because, to me, it was in the vain of Wreckless Eric and Wire.

He died last night, in his sleep.

photo by the amazing Josh Anderson

He had a unique and cynical outlook on life. He once said that he would rather be able to do many things half assed than do one thing really well, because the monotony of doing one thing just becomes too tedious. I appreciated that.

Rest in peace, Mr. Lindsey.


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2 Responses to “Death is Retarded.”

  1. ! Says:

    maybe.. i know how it feels.i never heard him,but i can relate. there is no sun for me!

  2. superalzy Says:

    I appreciate that sentiment too. I’m the queen of lots of half assed things and it’s the most exciting kingdom. Thanks, Jay, for vocalizing it. RIP

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