How To Maximize Your Minimal Kitchen

I live in a loft (no storage space) with another lovely little cook (twice the cooking supplies). So I recently had to get a little crafty with how to tuck away some of our supplies.

Wanna see whats cookin’ in my kitchen?

KitchenKitchenKitchenI got these stackable tins at a thrift store for 5 bucks, replaced the labels the indicated that they were previously used to store craft supplies, and now they hold tea bags, shot glasses, bottle openers, and other small kitchen items

KitchenBy turning a crate to its side and hanging it to some screws in the wall, I created a space for our cookbooks and ascetically pleasing perishables

KitchenThe Dust Buster is nicely tucked behind the large table. Keeping its germs away from the foods while still being easy to access.

The suitcases did a nice job at holding extra paper towels and kitchen rags as well as conceal things that are just too big to fit anywhere else. Like my wok.


These thin cardboard Ikea boxes with metal edges have been doing a fine job at temporarily replacing my urge for those more pricey sliding kitchen shelves.

Coffee mugs are usually a collection that builds up and although I love them all individually, they are a bit sore on the eyes, as a pack. So I like them to be tucked away.

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7 Responses to “How To Maximize Your Minimal Kitchen”

  1. nicolerigets Says:

    I picked up inspiration from your ideas and was most interested in the suitcases transformed into stylish and portable storage.

    Tell me about the table holding the wine bottles next to the suitcases. It’s positively unique and I want one too.

    Nicole Rigets

    • ohdiy Says:

      Thanks Nicole!
      My room mate picked it up at a junk shop by our house. Its so damn tall and kind of bulky, so it took me a while to warm up to it. Especially since its supposed to hold wine (a beverage which rarely reaches the rack around here). The bottles in it are simply for show and collecting dust. But I recently started to fill it with non wine bottles and copies of my cooking magazines, and now I love it too!

  2. Monica Says:

    Great ideas! I really like the crates : ) Great reusing idea!

  3. Samantha Says:

    come over and help me fix mine!

  4. Sunny Says:

    Im glad im not the only one suffering from tiny kitchen syndrome. I’m going to go hit up Ikea this weekend & steal some of your ideas!~

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