Circus Family Robinson

Did you have a motto for 2009? Now that I’m starting fresh, I realize that I did.

2009: Well, That Sucked.

Luckily I began this year in a place that I had never been before and always wanted to go. New Orleans. After a ten minute walk down Bourbon Street, I had had my fill of rednecks walking with their barrels of brightly colored sugar excessed alcohol. Its like Time Square of the south. Horrible.

I was invited to a place called the NOLA Art House. Its a home for young Southern based mixed media artist and ex circus performers who have created an entire Swiss Family Robinson zone in their backyard. I guess they throw parties on occasion. Calling in hundreds of drunk kids to climb the narrow and slippery steps toward the top of their wood based duplex (after signing a waiver, of course) The tree house is made up of chair frames, crate platforms, play pen tubing, and trapeze nets.

Everyone was given their own bottle of champagne, along with a balloon and Sharpie to write their resolution on and let go of at midnight. Quite picturesque. A cute idea for the next Hillary Duff movie, I guess.

Living in New York, its easy to forget that people are just happy to smile and compliment, and get to know your name. It was a nice change of pace. A good place to visit, but I kind of miss getting flicked off on a subway already.

All photos by Chloe Rice


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11 Responses to “Circus Family Robinson”

  1. ! Says:

    hillary duff movie ha ha! gosh you travel a hell of a lot ! your sort of a wanderer… how poetic. 😉

  2. superalzy Says:

    Huh. I thought the idea of a Swiss Family Robinson treehouse in an art house backyard would be way more awesome. Now I’m considering building one in the Times Square subway. I’d sit in my crazy treehouse with a blowgun shooting prozac at everyone who flipped me off.

  3. Rog Says:

    They definitely kill you with kindness down here in the South, even worse when copious amounts of alcohol aren’t involved.

  4. frank Says:

    I am sure you could find someone willing to part with a rude gesture in New Orleans, I know I have. But, you are probably better behaved. The NOLA Art House crew seem to be doing cool stuff. I really should get down to that city more often.

  5. :: smo :: Says:

    those kids are lucky my southern friends live in north carolina, because i bet they’d try and take over that treehouse and start a jugband!

  6. monkeyKing Says:

    i’ll always remember 2009 as the year we received daily updates on John & Kate. i still don’t know who they are and why the fuck i should care. (but am curious about the mad skills needed to market a nothing on a daily basis.)

  7. monkeyKing Says:

    saw photo of you from Bettina May. then clicked to Stevil’s blog and saw this video.

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  9. godofwar Says:

    Greetings, I view all your blog posts, keep them coming.

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