Forcing Joins?

This site needs a damn overhaul. The internet has given me a minimal attention span and a need for fast results without ever having to use my keyboard.

Examples of where I’ve drifted to recently:

Polyvore: Like window shopping with control. The result of the things I throw together on there seem to be the only reminders that I still have girlish desires. Like overpriced nail polish, Red Stripe, and heels

Tumblr: This site gives you fair warning of what you’re getting yourself into. Even the NAME of the website it some word that drifts off into a mumble and a drool. I got into posting on it once I realized you can upload music.

Dinosaur Circus: Last month, I felt inspired to try posting a photo I took every day for a year. Like finding out about the existence of narwals, its unrealistic and exciting all at once

DIY: If a blog could be associated with vomit, it would be through my d.i.y. guide, so far. The content is there, it seems to be floating in a sea of half formed goals.

I’m too all over the place. My main goal from here on out is to stick to something I start. And since I started this first, I’m sticking to it.

Yep. I’d say my plan for 2010 is coming together pretty nicely.

High five, kids!

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5 Responses to “Forcing Joins?”

  1. ! Says:

    ha ha! this was kind of what im into right now. i recently took a picture of a turtle, kind of like the one you posted, but mine had its heads next to each other not on opposite ends. as for the word “tumblr” it reminds me of a concert i went to, where me and a couple of friends where at the balcony and one of my friends tripped, he went tumbling like about 30 stairs!!! im sure your fans would love to see a picture a day for 2010! i certainly would.about the short attention span, i know what you mean, damn youtube and its 4 minute videos. its made it so hard for me to watch regular cinema movies.i have to take breaks and write down where i left off.
    they key to maintaining goals (in my opinion) is patience lots of crazy patience, even if you dont have any. your goals, keep them alive!! starting something and not finishing it, seems like something someone with a venus in aries would do….. make astrology be wrong. force it to be bullshit!

  2. Rog Says:

    Keep this and your Etsy going. Frack the rest.

  3. JC Says:

    Oh you’re totally not spreading yourself too thin.
    I won’t be content with the entirety of your endeavors until you’ve got a digg icon, twitter icon, flickr icon, tumblr icon, facebook icon, myspace icon, lastfm icon, youtube icon, vimeo icon, blogger icon, a wordpress drop down menu, and a real crappy LJ icon (just to show you’re old shcool) off to the sidebar of every Internet based SN account of yours.
    The Internet means never having to say you’re sorry, at least not with your real identity.
    I hope you have yourself a Happy New Year.

  4. monkeyKing Says:

    only someone with massive (i enjoy using the word *massive*) amounts of talent and energy can pull that off. (i also enjoy using the phrase *pull that off*.)
    focusing that amount of energy and talent could lead to something massive. hope you can pull it off. (u d best.)

  5. ! Says:

    happy new year. get drunker than a sailor!

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