Does the Carpet Match the….Place Mats?

diy rug

Rugs aren’t as cheap as you assume they should be.

especialy since it seems that you can pick up a small one for about 5 bucks, but a larger one goes into the $100’s.

red n blue

Luckly some craft genius put two and two together and made one of her own. Although this is a stealable idea, her makeshift rug looks like a few well sewn place mats.


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6 Responses to “Does the Carpet Match the….Place Mats?”

  1. ! Says:

    oh, i can see how you could like this.
    cuz you kind of did the same thing with that little red sweater plus im guessing you like to sew.

    since im on budget most of the time im forced to think up stuff like this..
    i sometimes go to local fast food joints and clean out their napkin holders
    i take a backpack and fill it with napkins.those napkins i later use them for house cleaning, wiping my hands,cleaning the interior of my car and even toilet paper ha!!
    i dont know about you, but i really see it as a waste of money if i buy them ,when i can just go the local carls jr and get huge stack of stolen napkins!!!

  2. Laura Says:

    For something whose sole purpose is to be stepped on, rugs sure are expensive. This is crafty and it looks adorable. I like the choice of red for the stitching.

  3. ! Says:


  4. katie o. Says:

    that’s freakin great, I’m using that!

  5. Lisa Green Says:

    Just want to say your article is striking. The clearness in your post is simply impressive and I can assume you are an expert on this field. Always been interested in rectangle braided rugs Thanks a again.

  6. Syreeta Jakubik Says:

    The depthof information on this site is very rewarding I believe anyonecanbenefit from exploring andrealizing all the different sources of choices.

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