Tea With Charlie

What the fuck does a girl have to do to get this piece of magic into her life?!



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14 Responses to “Tea With Charlie”

  1. ! Says:

    ha ha ha.
    dam, that thing is a butt load of money
    that would be great to have!
    thats a true masterpiece!

  2. Sam Says:

    Things like that should just be automatically sent to us.

  3. superalzy Says:

    That’s like Mad Hatter meets Madman right there! I would throw muderously awesome tea parties!

  4. frank Says:

    Sooo much better than Tuesdays with Maurrie.

  5. frank Says:

    Morrie, whatever

  6. monkeyKing Says:

    prob’ly an affirmation of your awsomeness that this question is being pondered… (?)

  7. Rog Says:

    A multiple homicide would probably do it.

  8. JC Says:

    Charlie isn’t deserving of my company.
    Do what you will with your tea & coffee, but don’t bother mine with any of this.
    Maybe I possess a limited understanding of history and how it can be intertwined with a confrontational sense of humor thus proving myself incapable of comprehension beyond stigmas and trivial taboos (admittedly I love George Carlin , Sam Kinnison, Chappelle and Bill Hicks…) but I just don’t get how owning and/or using this item would somehow result acquiring happiness.
    …Oh wait, now I get it…it’s one of those inside nazi jokes that ultimately doesn’t mean anything at all, it’s just…something that generates a mixed response.

  9. Laura Says:

    Does it come with tea cups featuring the likeness of the Manson girls?

  10. frank Says:

    I kind of had the same reaction as JC, but it is hard to say when is too soon. Does anyone pause when kids dress up as Dracula (cartoonized version of a pretty nasty guy). That said the Zach Galifianakis joke about going to an Al Qaeda training camp where they made him ride bicycles into building was kind of funny.

  11. monkeyKing Says:


  12. :: smo :: Says:

    make it yourself!

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