Food Groups

No time, today. Been cookin’ up a storm to stop my brain from spinning….more of a pulsating feeling.


8 Responses to “Food Groups”

  1. ! Says:

    get well…..

  2. JC Says:

    That happens to all women who start to overstep their boundaries and think independently. You have to get back in the kitchen, that’s where a woman belongs.
    I envision you baking veal loaf and acorn squash while jello sets in the fridge.
    So why does your head pulsate?

  3. :: smo :: Says:

    i like cooking when my brain is doing things i don’t like. it’s very satisfying. i feel like i endeavor myself in lots of things that are confusing, frustrating, or hard to complete [like making cartoons] so when i cook i can make something from start to finish AND THEN FUCKING EAT IT!!! how awesome is that?!

    i totally support this cooking binge.

    it’s a far better way of dealing with things than my friends at mars bar last night who were trying to throw lightly used female condoms at people that were annoying them.

    but i’m pretty sure both experiences involve black flag in some capacity.

  4. monkeyKing Says:

    the more i look at that picture, the more i love it.

  5. Laura Says:

    Unrelated to the strategically placed baked goods, I found this and thought you might like it:

    If I was an astronaut that’s pretty much all I’d want to do.

  6. ! Says:

    umm… miss are you ok..
    is there another internet famish going on?

  7. ! Says:

    i thought id share something with you since i read your blogs and i feel you have shared alot with me…

    i once got drunk and put a scorpion on my head.when i was in jr high i had a friend that paid me to let him go into my brothers room (my brother had dirty magazines).when i was in 5th grade i had to take special classes for my lisp, everytime i would get an “s” word and pronounce it right i would receive a cookie. for a long time when i was in elementary i could of sworn i was mentally retarded, i would ask my mom if i was, when she would tell me i wasnt i didnt believe her, i thought she was just trying to be nice.
    my grandma showed me that with age comes great wisdom,so far everything she told me about life has been true.for this, i think she is one of the smartest people in my life. my grandma doesnt know how to read.
    im a very quiet person, i dont speak much.

    i hope i made you smile with some of my lifes story…
    i hope that you are feeling happy! if not, i hope these funny photographs make you happy.

  8. spice list Says:

    Since we’re on Food Groups Shoplifting in a Ghost Town, six different spices; cumin, coriander seeds, fingerroot, galagal, rosemary and tumeric. Of these, fingerroot, rosemary and tumeric (all packed with antioxidants, by the way) can limit the amount of HCAs that form on your meat.

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