Tough Shot.

I just found myself intranced with these stories behind how these photographers got their toughest shot.

“I took this picture the moment we realized we were sinking. It was 1999 and I was in the hold of a 25-foot handmade sailboat with 44 Haitian immigrants. Water started pouring in and David, the man looking at the camera, said, “Chris, you’d better start taking pictures, because we only have an hour to live.” I was 29, trying to capture a journey of immigrants who risk everything to reach America. That I could die here hadn’t registered until this moment. All I could do was take photographs as a reflex, a way to deal with my fear, even though I assumed the pictures were going to die with me. We were saved by a Coast Guard cutter that happened upon us. It made me understand that taking photographs is as much about explaining the world to myself as it is about explaining it to other people.”


5 Responses to “Tough Shot.”

  1. ! Says:

    holy crap!!
    thats crazy…
    this and many other reasons are why i love photography now!!!!!
    thanks 😉

  2. frank Says:

    Great find, thanks for sharing. I remember when this shot ran in Outside several years ago (or I think that is where I have seen it before) but the others are all new to me. Great thing to wake up to.

  3. erin Says:


  4. Laura Says:

    Reading that article, it seems that the photos you least intend to be taken are the ones that end up amazing you. It’s like your craft has a mind of its own and it’s constantly keeping you on your toes.

    That Matthieu Paley one is insane. Beautiful.

  5. mieletcannelle Says:

    *gurgle* The composure required to continue taking photos in that instant is beyond me. Amazing. xo

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