So Long Professor Biscuits

Ready to have your day unmade? Chuck Biscuits passed away on October 24th. Biscuits played drums for D.O.A. through their best years. Also played for a slew of other greats such as Danzing, Black Flag, and Circle Jerks.

EDIT: Kidding. dood is apparently still alive. Gave me a good reason do revisit Hardcore 81 today, though.

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One Response to “So Long Professor Biscuits”

  1. ! Says:

    maybe he is gonna do something new….
    the hoax to get attention, who knows…

    people from my past think i went crazy , it would be the same as dead, cause who wants to hang around a crazy person?
    but thats a whole different story.

    hopefully biscuits doesnt die soon….

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