Zombies Over A Sex Life. The New Campaign.

Hey you, out there!

Lacking a sex life? Does the name of the box you’ve been playing with start with the letter X? Well then the new Left 4 Dead trailer should be exciting, eh?

I don’t know how a trailer for a video game can “leak” but I’m glad it did because it gave me that after-sex glow that my pale asexual skin needed….I’m sure many other video game aficionados achieve this look the same way.

GAH! If you’re sad that the hot broad Zoey is gone, then you’re fuckin’ nuts!

Because the Spitter is a catch! Zoey may have been modeled off of some coy hot 20 something nobody, but THE SPITTER was modeled off of a brish babe with the voice on an angel.

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9 Responses to “Zombies Over A Sex Life. The New Campaign.”

  1. ! Says:

    speaking of zombies,
    that “zombie land” film delivers a nice message.
    it has its little blood scenes,but its mostly for that nice message.
    i guess we do live in zombie land already.we gotta shoot away the zombies from our lives…

    and yes that zombie that sings about going to rehab does have a voice of an angel LOL!!!! 🙂

  2. :: smo :: Says:

    this speaks to me in so many ways. how oft on the same page we are. paul’s moving in soon and with him is his big tv, his xbox 360, and apparently soon a ps3. i have a feeling there well be much of this and brütal legend happening. you’re more than welcome to mooch of course. as i will be too.

    • ohChloe Says:

      Sweet! I’m coming over when you’re ready to switch out rooms. We all have to have an Immortal Zombie Pancake party!
      Paul brings the entertainment system, you bring the flour and fun times, I’ll bring the face paint and the extra remotes

      • :: smo :: Says:

        BRILLIANT! but seriously when are you not?! i bet you shit gold!! ha!

        pancakes cursed by the wintermoon? this can totally be done! i’ll make sure i ready a cape and witch hat [holy shit halloween costume? i was going to for kirk but immortal…hm…] and i bet i can figure out a way to make crazy metal face painty looking pancakes…ohhhh man!

  3. :: smo :: Says:

    also the likeness at the bottom is more uncanny than the x-men!

  4. ! Says:

    i forgot to mention, i think i woke up my neighbors
    when i read the first part of this blog
    i could not contain my laughter
    thank you 🙂

  5. Booth83 Says:

    This post made me sad:(, until I watched the trailer

  6. Alexander Bregon Says:

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