John Waters Dormitories


but I'm a cheerleaderI’ve always loved the not John Waters film But I’m a Cheerleader. Not only for introducing me to Go Sailor and my womanly love for Clea DuVall, but also because the attention paid to the set design. The director, Jamie Babbit, even said that the set and costumes were inspired by  John Waters, David LaChapelle, Edward Scissorhands and Barbie.

Creators of Nervous in the Service must have had the same thought process. When I saw the dorms they had designed for 6 student rooms at Krabbesholm College, I was instantly reminded of the make belive gay reform school that always caught my eye.

Dormitories are sad sad closets of space where budding adults already in debt take shelter. Young and with a not yet developed sense of interior style, they pack up their bedroom posters and photos of their annoying friends and carelessly use that blue tacky clay to slap them onto the wall of their first rooms outside of homes. They shove their clothes and Dells into glorified Tupperware because it seems to be the cheapest way to store things. Home aesthetics are lost and very few times regained.


These rooms are depressing. Suddenly you find the kid going to parties just to not be in that drab closet. Partying leads to drinking, which leads to sex. Next thing you know you’ve got a broke, knocked up,  20 year old alcoholic on your hands.

All this could be so easily avoided had someone steered you in the direction of an affordable design for your first ‘home’!


Designers Caroline Hansen, Mie albæk nielsen, stine osther and rikke k. larsen picked a color theme and go all out with it. Taking simple wood designs along with salvaged furniture that can be found in thrift shops, sanding them down, and painting over it with a bold color. The color scheme seems to consist of three or four very similar colors,  creating a kind of creepy yet unique room for students.

I like the hanging desk organizer, in order to be used as a shelf.

very clever.


See the process of the dorm transformations here.


4 Responses to “John Waters Dormitories”

  1. monkeyKing Says:

    most awsome analysis yet.

  2. ! Says:

    yup. that would be nice to do.
    my room has too many plaid things.
    and my movie posters are there also.
    maybe i will do something like that one day.
    i also have a high shelve that i cant even reach with out a chair.
    but i dont go to college and i dont really drink.
    and whats sex??? lol!!

  3. :: smo :: Says:

    wow that is really awesome! turning the shitty radiator into a raised window seat?! i really like the raised bed too. there’s a lot of subtle opportunities for storage but it still feels comfortable vs something like my first apartment here which just looks like shit crammed together if only that process thing listed the dimensions!

    i’m about to move into the slightly bigger room in my apartment i think it might be time for me to look into making something like this happen! fucking sick!

    i wonder how the college determined who got those 6 rooms

  4. Springfield « Shoplifting in a Ghost Town Says:

    […] I wasn’t a huge Simpsons fan but I remember how badly I wanted to live there, after seeing a TV host do a tour inside of the home. Its so colorful! Looking back, it reminds me a bit of the dorms from this entry. […]

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