Hurlin’ Hobbies

I recently watched the HBO documentary Thin. A film that goes along side a great book by documentarian/ photographer Lauren Greenfield. Its about a ton of girls who don’t like food, hate their families, and want to out-sad each other.

It was interesting, but *spoiler alert* none of these girls actually ‘recovered’. As a matter of fact, the one I was routin’ for died.

I guess the moral of the story is to stay true to your convictions. 

brittanyThin, starring Bert McCracken 

Despite the moment of struggle between girl and cupcake, I also enjoyed this movie a little more because I spent a large portions of my teenage years at the house of a friend who lived LITERALLY a house down from the clinic where this was filmed. Anytime I would go on a walk or a drive with a guy friend, they would take an interest to a slender, pretty girl driving by the house and it never failed to make me chuckle to watch their hopeful expressions melt, as the car veered right into the gates of the Renfrew Center.

In other news, the 2010 Zagat Guide came out today and the New York Food and Wine Festival starts tomorrow.


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6 Responses to “Hurlin’ Hobbies”

  1. :: smo :: Says:

    puking can be fun!

    but seriously eating is awesome.

  2. ! Says:

    im gonna for sure watch that puking movie.thats funny when you see movies that have places you know about

    when i saw “collateral” i was like my friends friend lives right there where they dropped that body out of the all takes place in downtown , i have been to all those places. i was all excited when i saw those places in the movie.

    any way
    what personality type are you?

    Free Enneagram Personality Test

    ^^if you dont know you can find out just type that on google
    just for just a little curious.

  3. Laura Says:

    They’re staring at the PopTarts like it’s gonna come to live and throw itself down their throats.

    I feel torn when it comes to eating disorders. Part of me is deeply empathetic, while the other just wants to smack some sense into them.

  4. youliveyoulearn88 Says:

    i spent 3 months at the Renfrew Center, FL where “Thin” was documented. Not at the time of the documentary though. I was there in 2007, that was filmed a few years before. It was a life changing event and i charish the great memories I hold there and amazing people I met, that I still keep in touch with, Even my therapist there. I stayed well in my recovery up until pregnancy and birth of my first child. The majoy body change and weight gain triggered a downfall in recovery. My therapist from Renfrew has been in contact with me though and is trying to get me back in but I’m not ready yet, I dont think.

  5. youliveyoulearn88 Says:

    that place didnt change any from the time that film was made. I sat at those very tables where the girl and pop tart are. I really miss the comfort of Renfrew. It saddens me actually to see those photos and bring up memories of how well off i was at dicharge compared to now

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