Dead Girls Don’t Sing

Even when I was far too young to understand art, I enjoyed this painting. When my babysitter informed me that the girl in it was in fact dead and not just singing and tanning in the lazy river, I became even more intrigued by it. The feeling  hasn’t changed to this day. 

  • Ophelia was painted in 2 segments by John Everett Millais . 1st was the landscape of Hogsmill River in Surrey. Ophelia was on painted over it, later.
  • The girl who was the muse for Ophelia was 19 year old Elizabeth Siddall. Fully clothed, she floated in the bathtub of Millais 2nd floor studio of 7 Gower Street in London, for hours. There was no hot water. Although candles were lit under the tub to keep her warm, Millais let them go out as he continued to paint. The girl got a cold and Millais got a medical bill from her father.
  • The studio is still there, but occupied by solicitors. So apparently where that bathtub once was, stands a photocopier.
  • The postcard version of this painting is one of the most popular items for purchase at the Tate Museum, where it is held.

5 Responses to “Dead Girls Don’t Sing”

  1. frank Says:

    You should recreate it, all you need is a Victorian gown, an old bathtub and a disregard for your own health.

  2. ! Says:

    it is a nice painting…..
    by the way i saw “fisher king”
    i really liked it. thank you for sharing about it.
    i had never heard of it.
    it made me think, i can relate to robin williams character
    very good movie, thanks

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