ohJoyGreen tea ice cream and illustrations by Rob Flowers make my heart-a-flutter

mason cake

  • Making cupcakes in mini mason jars. (perfect for sending in care packages)
  • Window shopping for dresses.
  • Destroying the witch before she destroys me, during Left For Dead. Its how I imagine a crazed anorexic girl would go if she came lunging toward me….

the ladies room of Slainte Bar

  • Makeshift waterproof laptop casing from Fed Ex envelopes
  • Simonlumb’s target clock
  • The kind of friends that hug upon the very first hello and want to make sure you get home safe
  • Watching house shows on HGTV, and feeling better about my interior style.

  • The breakfast pizza from Little Doms
  • Hoping into a well made bed at night
  • The peeling that follows a really bad sunburn
  • Robert Longos sharks on charcoal
  • Visiting friends who do not find the need to entertain me
  • Doing things 10 years too late. Like watching Freaks and Geeks in its entirety and shuffling through Built To Spill albums

ohBeach Apparel . Photo by Chloe Rice

  • Riding bikes and listening to Artie Lange.
  • Looking through’ Tiger Butters blog in the middle of the night with friends and laughing till our stomachs ache
  • Sampling ice cream and walking down the street with my tongue suctioned to the scoop of the tiny spoon
  • Emails from half developed friendships that ended on bad terms that throw differences aside and hope that all is well
  • Finally being able to go back to Bikram yoga as a non smoker and impressing my instructor and myself

Photo Source

  • Flying during the day with the window open to realize how small I really am.
  • Making robots, people watching in theme parks, and playing video games with Danny Fase.
  • These Eric Carle inspired cupcakes.
  • The links Justin sends me. Like these poor fucking poodles that never seize to make me laugh
  • Being able to hear rumors told about me and taking them in with humor instead of offense.

Chloe & The Tangerine. Photo by Ryan

  • Painting my nails red.
  • Catching fish and turning it into ceviche!
  • Making dinner for friends that stop by unexpectedly
  • Having my head scratched till I pass out….and drool…like a retarded cat
  • cassette this iPod case
  • Miranda Julys homage to extras from Vice
  • Watching this music video on a plane while trying to retrain myself for laughing and making the hand motions:

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18 Responses to “ohJoy”

  1. Starka Says:

    “Having my head scratched till I pass out….and drool…like a retarded cat”
    god thats awesome when it happens ^_^

  2. Booth83 Says:

    I must have that breakfast pizza!!

  3. ! Says:

    i did the fed ex water proof envelope thing , but i put my comics inside instead. so i guess its nothing like what you did. lol!
    freaks and geeks is great!
    i love your green tea face pic on flickr!
    the airplane experience is life changing.
    great ipod case.
    yeah its hard to not laugh out loud in planes.

    keep having a great life forever and ever and ever 😉

  4. Eri Says:

    where did you get that ipod case? i want iwant i need.

  5. Leigh @ Constant Cravings Says:

    I also missed out on freaks and geeks the first time around and just finished it last month. I made all of my friends watch it with me on our beach vacation even though they’d already seen it. It was awesome.

  6. Renai Says:

    Those poodles… I had a dream last night that I had a huge fat orange cat and I would trim its hair in certain places and dye it red and make it wear a green hat… I called it Tomato Cat. At least I’m only crazy in my dreams?

  7. Laura Says:

    Those poodles are fantastic!

    I’d like to let you know I love “things that make my life happy” posts. You’re a spectacular gal and it’s great to see you joyous.

  8. Tiger Butter Says:

    Thanks for the shout out! Glad we could milk a few chuckles out of you. Would you like to join our ragtag group?????? Puh-leeease? Let us know, we’d be honored to have you.

    meltallthetigers [at] gmail [dot] com

  9. Celebrity-Gossip-Inside-Out.com » Blog Archive » Things I Love Thursday Says:

    […] Dish The Dish The Dish also Chloe, my girlfriend, the otter, & life-saver (& her OhJoy list!) laughing on the swings in a playground until I felt sick daylight saving finding a piece of […]

  10. Sonny Says:

    That picture of you, and the baby, and the couches… I can’t figure it out. I feel like a retard because I have no idea what is going on.

  11. Sonny Says:

    Oh… well… now everything makes sense.

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