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lego flash drive

According to Tim over at Brickshelf, turing a bland cheap flash drive into something cute and ascetically pleasing is a fairly simple project!

It uses a 128MB Dick Smith electronics USB flash drive. The casing of
the DSE drive was easy to remove and from there it was a matter of
resizing the circuit board (it was slightly too large to fit inside a
2x4 Lego brick) by sanding down the edges.

I cut out the inside of a yellow 2x4 block (had to be yellow or red!..
the traditional lego colours but decided yellow looked cooler..) using
a scalpel with a small blade, and resized it by cutting off part of the
bottom so that it was the size of two flat 2x4 plates stacked on top of

The circuit board had to be sanded around the edges (unfortunately
i have no pics of the insides of the Lego drive) and the inner side
walls of the block had to be thinned, using sandpaper and lots of
tedious shaving with the back of the scalpel's blade before the circuitry
would fit inside. 

This done, i cut a slot in the front of the brick for the metal plug
to fit through and added some packing (folded up sellotape)inside to hold
the circuit board in place.

The bottom of the drive is simply a flat yellow 2x4 plate with the
bumps sanded almost completely off. This was glued on to the brick body.

The entire assembly is the exact size and shape of a regular 2x4 Lego
block (size of a 2x6 with the cap on) and can be stacked like one. The
cap is a 2x2 block resized in a similar fashion to the 2x4 and with a
flat 2x2 plate (with bumps sanded completely off) glued on as a base.
The cap fits on quite snugly due simply to sellotape attatched to the
inner roof of the cap block so the plug does not slide in so easily. 

One cool feature of the drive is a small LED in the circuitry which
flashes red when plugged in to a USB port. It is easily visible when
lit up as the plastic of the body is quite thin. 

An amazing idea for finally putting a use to those tiny Japanese food toy sets I tend to habitually buy anytime I’m near Chinatown.

Why not just make a Lego Drive, you may ask.

What if I store my lifes most important work on it, have a kid, and the kid tries to eat the Lego? (Because I hear that thats what they tend to do….eat things that aren’t food)

I don’t need some drooling vomity kid eating my life!

Other fantistic uses of flash drives are swarming Etsy.

These are a few of my favorites:


Backyard Brand



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9 Responses to “Lego Life”

  1. ! Says:

    your story about the usb is nice,i think i have seen some japanese little
    figurines like that . i guess that would be a hard project. good luck.

    i had another movie that i liked and i watched for a couple of days in a row ,just like you said you watched the “fisher king”

    the stars are priscilla presley,ed oneill,wayne newton,robert englund,gilbert gottfried and andrew dice clay.

    its a bit corny andrew dice clay says alot of funny jokes. he tries to be an asshole but in a cute way.

    ed oneill brags about his 15 minutes of fame he had with a song called “botty time” thats hilarious.

    its just a feel good movie.

    it was also out a year before the “fisher king”
    thats why i decide to tell you about it.

    have you ever seen it?

  2. :: smo :: Says:

    FUCK YES!!!

    this has to be the best possible way to give someone your digital portfolio or demo reel…

  3. JC Says:

    Thought you might like this USB sushi:

    After dumping coin for a 32GB (function over form) Corsair drive, I’m just going to wait until everything is updated to the USB 3.0 spec. It’ll be worth it.

  4. monkeyKing Says:

    cool. at first glance i thought the first one was a USB bong! (yeah i’m bored and daydreaming.) a look at thinkgeek shows a leggo usb for sale. (w/o circuit board sanding.)

  5. Joleen Curtsinger Says:

    Eventually! I have been hunting for facts on lego for a time and found it, my son will undoubtedly be thrilled!

  6. Gonzalo Henggeler Says:

    Hi, I like the Madagaskar movies, very good movie!

  7. Dante Espinoza Says:

    I don’t know how Algeria could have lost. Quickest exit ever. I assumed that they had a solid opportunity to do well in this years world cup. I guess I will have to wait. Maybe its time to jump on the Argentina bandwagon. Looks like Demichelis has already scored. Go Argentina. To turn around my day that was ruined by Algeria, I have been watching some funny jokes.. This one made me feel a little better:

  8. Internet Warez Says:

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