Aim To Please

I’m here and fully stocked up on internet again, after a famish. 

Business as usual will continue shortly, so don’t let go.

Never let go!titanic


9 Responses to “Aim To Please”

  1. ! Says:

    i wont i promise

  2. Booth83 Says:

    I’v had to go to elsewhere to see tit’s on tuesdays

  3. eddy Says:

    are you from boca raton?

  4. eddy Says:

    wait, i didn’t intend for that sound super creepy. i used to have a childhood friend named chloe rice. i googled the name and found this blog.

    • ohChloe Says:

      Pshaw! It doesn’t sound creepy. who is this??

      • eddy Says:

        edward demartino.
        if you’re the chloe rice i’m thinking of, we used to be neighbors, school mates, and best friends!
        we were in elementary school.
        we lived in a little townhouse community. we rode bikes around all the time and im pretty sure you taught me how to curse. we also had a friend seth, who’s feet smelled awful.
        is your mothers name Judy? she used to be pals with my mom, Tess.
        strange that i remember all of these things. if you don’t remember, i won’t be offended.
        and if this isn’t the right Chloe Rice then i sincerely apologize.

    • ohChloe Says:

      Of course I remember! You and your brother Frank(?) were allowed to watch Bevis and Butthead, your family didn’t drink water your meals, one of your parents once actually made you clean your mouth out with soap after cursing, and you convinced me that even pretending to smoke cigarettes with pretzel sticks could lead to smoking….which may have been true. Its strange the little things that we remember…I totally forgot about Seths smelly feet! ha
      You were my best friend!!! I recently came across a photo of us playing Crossfire, and wondered about you, as I often do.
      How are you?
      Whats your email? Email me sometime, please!!

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