Warp: Not to be associated with shitty mohawks and mud fights

I love Warp! Not the tour, but the label. Well configured scat based music and thought invoking films who’s emulsion is found through its mind expanding violence.

Warp Records is having a birthday party at Terminal 5 in New York, next month!  Battles, !!!, and Prefuse 73, amongst others will be playing!

Chances are that you are semi-familiar with the films and music that Warp is involved with, but have no idea. If this isn’t the case, I’m her to expand your interest for their well thought out entertainment with bright artistic quality.

I’ve compiled a short list of films released with Warp Films, that I happen to enjoy:

yoga for those suffering of hydrocephalus, as shown in Rubber Johnny

Rubber Johnny: The controversial collaborative video using the direction of Chris Cunningham and the music of Aphex Twin. Rubber Johnny shows a wheelchair bound teenager with a hyperactive imagination, locked in a dark basement with his Chihuahua.

Stephen Graham motioning to me for a hug during the movie This Is England

This Is England:  Shane Meadows cinematically alluring story that follows a 12 year old boys introduction to the skinhead culture, and how he is torn and effected by this Jamaican rooted culture as it spans out into a White Nationalist  movement.

Blood. Also can be used if you don’t have a pen handy! Example shown in Dead Mans Shoes

Dead Mans Shoes: A violent movie by Shane Meadows, that is based around an army paratrooper who comes home seeking revenge of the group responsible for tormenting his handicapped younger brother.

could you be any more charming, Stephen Graham?!

Scummy Man: a video I love mainly because it furthers my crush for Stephen Graham and his wise ass, shitty attitude, “crush you with my fist” character along his fat cheeks and beady eyed baby face, of course. The video is alongside the Arctic Monkeys song “When the Sun Goes Down” Its the story of a young prostitute and an abusive clients (swoon) control over her, as people try to lead her into a ‘better life’. The short story begs the question “Is anyone inherently good?”

Fluorescent Adolescent: Another Arctic Monkeys music video directed by Richard Ayoade. I’m a pretty big Ayoade fan. He one point  acted on The Mighty Boosh when it was still a radio based show. The director also acts as the adorably misguided dork Maurice Moss in one of my favorite comedy shows The IT Crowd.

Anyways, The video features Stephen Graham as my beloved wise assed leader with a shitty attitude, “crush you with my fist” character along his fat cheeks and beady eyed baby face….in clown make up. The entire video is revolved around a fight between a group of clowns and a more civilian-like group. As the video progresses you see that the two leaders were at one point friends. There is something extremely amusing and slightly poetic about this videos slow motion fight sequence  in an abandoned district. You expect an obvious ending but just in music video style, something slightly more tragic happens.

They also put out that new Yeah Yeah Yeahs video.  I’m not a huge fan of, musically, but I do love the wolf in it! Probably because reminds me of Booga from Tank Girl



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5 Responses to “Warp: Not to be associated with shitty mohawks and mud fights”

  1. JC Says:

    OhMah Gootness.
    I totally reek with the stiff scent of jealousy right now over the Warp b-day bash I can’t attend.
    From Aphex Twin & Chris Cunningham to Grizzly Bear, Broadcast, etc., I’ve been listening/watching/promoting them for a day and a night now.
    Back when Rubber Johnny was making its premier in my city I had teamed up with a local indie film promoter to design the promotional poster for it.
    I owned a copy of the Palm Chris Cunningham collection so was a big fan and thrilled with the opportunity.
    His video for Bjork’s all is full of love was so far and away advanced beyond anything else. Same with the Portishead’s Only You. And Aphex Twin’s videos were just so damn wicked. He had a wide range.
    Anyway, he’s the only director out of the Palm collective who didn’t have a break-out moment.
    I hope he manages to shake off the resistance and get back to making more films.

  2. Ivy Says:


    More Stephen Graham behind the link!

  3. monkeyKing Says:

    i’ve always had a soft spot for violent clowns and chain whippings.

  4. loop Says:

    I’d love to read more about this

  5. Ashley Says:

    Oh I love Richard Ayoade, you know he’s in a few episodes of the Mighty Boosh television series also?

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