A 24 Year Olds List of 25

Photo booth with friends at BBQ Bar in Orlando, FL July 2009

It’s been so long since I’ve written out a list of things that I am loving about life. This is probably because their are very few things that I have found to not love about it, in the past few months. I’ve taken a dive into jobs that have been allowing me to travel for my summer. As long as I’m not stagnant and full of sugar, I’m pleased.

ohPhillipSo I’m kiiiiind of like Phillip the Hyper Hypo, nowadays.

  • Bacon and chocolate from a chocolate fountain, for brunch in Santa Monica
  • The art work of Tuscan tattoo artist Allyson Bannett
  • Listening to Charlie Parker by the pool as a result of a debate of where the clip used at the beginning of the Refused song Deadly Rhythm came from. (its from 52nd Street Theme)
  • A friend saved our text conversations that started at a very difficult time in my life, and is deleting them now that it is over. About 1600 text messages in a 6 month period.
  • Being able to be around my friends in far places for their first shows, birthdays, new family additions, and other memorable life events.

wooSelf Portrait at Terminal 5 at 4:30AM

  • Briefly getting to see and shoot the girlfriend along with her collection of shoes, then heading straight to the airport.
  • Sitting at the new Terminal 5, photoshopping and watching the Dick Van Dyke Show as planes roll by. (I say new Terminal 5, because the original Eero Saarinen design was demolished in order to create a strip that allowed more planes behind the still erect and uniquely abandoned TWA check in building.)

Jenn, wheat-grass, and an infectious smile. Taken on my iPhone

  • Introducing a friend to the joys of healthy drinks
  • Relating to Paul Rudds friendship making woes in I Love You, Man.
  • My friend Beas new blog. Its such a positive little journal and filled with photos and writings of her little family, her home, and food!
  • Laughing till I cry.

Cupcakes!Photo and cupcakes by Chloe Rice

  • Making cupcakes that look like ice cream, for a 2 year olds birthday.
  • Singing Happy Birthday to a two year old child. Because at that age a kid doesn’t really understand why you get a ton of sugar and people who want to sing to you while you eat, and the reaction is amazing.
  • Tom Palumbos photographs of his wife
  • Slightly gawdy and outdated luxurious interiors
  • The illustrations of miss tal
  • Red Fang..

sweet ridePhoto from Danny Fases phone

  • Learning how to ride a Segway
  • Kusmi teas! The Prince Vladimir and Troika blends are my favorite.
  • The website Sci-Fi-O-Rama. The fake future imagery is endless!
  • Taking something that you can only get in your town with you, on a trip. For me, its Zabaars coffee.
  • Learning how to do something that I’ve previously given up on. Ryan patiently showed how to play Wii Tennis and I fucking love it, now!

name twinChloe on Chloe By Chloe

  • Cleaning the hate slate. Making amends to relationships that I’ve previously taken part in destroying, even if I don’t speak to or see the people regularly.
  • Quitting my job on good terms.
  • Drinking homemade moonshine in the most manly garage I’ve ever seen.

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6 Responses to “A 24 Year Olds List of 25”

  1. :: smo :: Says:

    well aren’t you just a little ball of sunshine!

  2. monkeyKing Says:

    reading the iCiNG tends to leave most with a positive glow, eh? (yes to that.) yes to RedFang, Charlie Parker, laughing, cupcakes, et al. too.
    yes to the smiles received from a joyful Tear.
    and a big nodding fistbumping simpatico yobro yes to drinking homebrew in a pole barn during a summertime thunderstorm.

  3. erikuh Says:

    I fucking LOVE wii tennis.

  4. ! Says:

    looks like your evolving, i know this is going to be taken as bullshit,but here it goe anyway.
    the more spiritual have already begun to change, letting go of bad relationships, and not having any grudges.
    realizing life is more about the spirit, than anything else.
    becoming their true self.
    letting go of all that media brainwashing can really make happiness.
    having a beautiful goal even if its the simplest kindest thing in the world its worth it.
    life is definitely more than just the material possesion.
    life is definitely more that just sex.
    life is definitely more than just competition.

    i have undergone some changes also, and i feel i have matured . i see things in a different light, even though that light might be a little out of focus, im still trying to better my true self, and be a simpler individual.
    its hard but i will keep trying.
    the brainwashing still creeps up once in a while,but as time goes by i think it wont be as much as it has been in my earlier years.

    hope this wasnt too ridiculous….

    peace friend

  5. big mac Says:

  6. ! Says:

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