A Riddle.

Evangeline Lilly

Whats black and white with ribs all over?

n00dzAgyness DeynAngela LindvallAnine BingBianca Balti by Greg Lotusby Max FaragoCarina HarrisCarmen KassChloe Bello



2 Responses to “A Riddle.”

  1. JC Says:

    Whats black and white with ribs all over?
    My first guess was zebra themed ribbed Trojans, then bio-engineered meat slabs in Rocky’s training freezer, then I pictured an iced out grill of a southern rapper chewing charred rack of lamb, then I gave up.

    There’s a fine line between appearing classy and appearing pretentious with the noir-n00ds.

    I think my favorite is the one with the lady in the water.
    It also made me think about the possible torments endured by the model in what was very likely cold water. The photographer probably had to trap her there in that fishnet to keep her from leaving, “You aint leavin’ till after magic hour you wet cunt, one more word and I’ll let Captn Gorton reclaim this catch and pull you in with the rest of the wild tuna!”

  2. Lucille Francy Says:

    Want Hot, Nasty Phone Sex! 1-888-428-4036 Any act, all fetishes! 69c to 1.69 per minute! CALL NOW 1-888-428-4036

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