Typing With My Lobster Claws

oh ouch

As result of poorly applied sun block before venturing out on a photo project in South Florida, I have spent 3 days and a total of 16 ounces worth of vitamin E oil, nursing a brutal sunburn. It sucks. It fucking sucks. It feels like I let Sho Nuff give me a back massage.

Last Dragon

All I’d like to do is sit around my loft, dousing myself in aloe, listening to Wire, drinking coffee, and recollect the things about my home that I love, before I leave again.

my apartmet

Like the view of my living room from my open bedroom door and my color coordinated shelves of belongings.

messy room

Instead it will be spent doing the pile of laundry that has been collecting dust over this past month and unpacking my suitcase, to instantly repack it for my 7am flight.

The pay off of these chores will be

  • a bar of dark chocolate, from Zabars
  • seeing my artist friend and his new line of designer chain-saws
  • responding to hand typed letters through emails using this font for the same effect
  • watching Dead Alive and passing out before sunset

Photos by Chloe Rice


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4 Responses to “Typing With My Lobster Claws”

  1. Breezy Says:

    sho nuff, the shogun of harlem! that movie is my favorite.

  2. :: smo :: Says:

    where to next?! you’re as bad as me! i’m upstate [they’re trying to rope me into moving back again] and going to DC end of the week methinks.

    good journey friend! let’s coordinate adventure discourse upon reconvening!

  3. JC Says:

    Am I the meanest? Sho’nuff!
    Am I the prettiest? Sho’nuff!
    Am I the baddest backrubber low down around this town? Sho’nuff!
    Well who am I? Sho’nuff!
    Who am I? Sho’nuff!
    I’m gonna massage you… Sho’nuff!

  4. monkeyKing Says:

    my eyes snapped wide at the concept of designer chain-saws.

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