Tres’ Passing


The Vector Snob does not consider himself a photographer. His career of choice is based around graphic design. Something he mastered long before his peers, and spent perfectly good keg stand frat house collage years, smoking Luckies and listening to Kraftwerk while creating fancy bullshit for major companies. Orange juice you see falling out of a spout on a Tropicana commercial? You can probably thank the Snob and his mega computer for it.


I used to go out on photo hunts with the Snob. He took me through Seattles underbelly and rotting guts. He showed me how to navigate through deserted factories, what to do when security is on to you, the quickest way to hop fences, and the importance of using layers in Photoshop. Just when I though I took some amazing photo, he would show me his and make me want to quit…


He could make any person or broken place look as unique and beautifully mysterious as he is, in a photo. Now more than ever he seems to get distracted by nature more than buildings. He talks to trees more than people. But his feet still smell more like death than pachouli, and the 1960s science book styled photos that come from this modest photographer still make me want to test the limits of what can be done with a sad looking situation along with some creativity.

All images belong to Vector Snob


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2 Responses to “Tres’ Passing”

  1. JC Says:

    Admittedly, I’m not really into his style. They’re good, and I can probably single out a few favorites but I can’t help but getting a depressed feeling from what I’ve initially seen because it puts a spotlight on the short shelf life of things around us and how things fall apart.
    I wouldn’t want him to change what he does though, I appreciate it for what it is because I suppose the underlying point is the truth of how nature just reclaims everything.

  2. superalzy Says:

    Those are gorgeous! I like the fact that they emphasize the short shelf life of things. That’s kind of one of my major themes in my poems and work. Somehow I prefer art that brings me down a little bit. Thanks for sharing these, Chloe.

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