My Mom Was Right.

LA Times Building circa 1910

Photo of the Los Angeles Times Building after being bombed in 1910.

A lot of things happened durring the year 1910:

Prokudin imageand this photograph was taken.

Sergey Prokudin Gorsky, a Russian genius, began experimenting with RGB images and created photographs that are some of the most visualy crisp and real photographs that I have seen to date.

His process used a camera that took a series of three monochrome pictures in sequence, each through a different coloured filter. By projecting all three monochrome pictures using correctly-coloured light, it was possible to reconstruct the original colour scene. Any stray movement within the camera’s field of view showed up in the prints as multiple “ghosted” images, since the red, green and blue images were taken of the subject at slightly different times.”

self Here is a self portrait of Gorsky taken in 1915

And so ends this weeks series of “My mom was right. I probably won’t achieve anything with my life.”


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6 Responses to “My Mom Was Right.”

  1. JC Says:

    “And so ends this weeks series of “My mom was right. I probably won’t achieve anything with my life.”
    Well, perhaps you have achieved something simply by thinking you have not. You achieved depression. Congratulations!

  2. JC Says:

    sorry, I made that post thinking it was funny at first, I came back and realized it sounded kinda dickish.

  3. :: smo :: Says:

    those photographs are amazing. exposed 3 times? so he ran back and sat in the exact same spot on that rock?! the period of like 1910-1935 was so huge for photography and film especially. so much innovation, dedication and straight up work. now it’s “give me convenience or give me death.” how far we’ve come in 100 years…or is it how far we’ve fallen?

    did i mention i’m really angry about my bike getting stolen and that it’s making me angry at everything in general? caaaause it is!

  4. JC Says:

    In that picture Sergey Prokudin Gorsky kind of resembles Daniel Plainview from “There Will be Blood”.
    “There’s a whole ocean of RGB around us, no one can get at it except for me!”

  5. monkeyKing Says:

    history, art, photography, decorating, style, dining… you make edumacation FUN!

  6. Laura Says:

    Comparing that guy’s photographs to the one at the top makes it look kind of ridiculous. I mean, the one of the bridge was taken the same year, yet they look a century apart. Insane.

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