3 Dudes I Love.

I love you guys.I woke up thinking about a few people I’ve seen on a screen and thought “Hey, man. I love you. In a bizarre and platonic kind of way.”

Torben Ulrich. Unfortunately he gave birth to the man whose ego make my fists clench, and who’s bullshit attitude gives me idiot shivers. But without that, he wouldn’t be the man who has made “delete that” into a household term, for me.

Bill O’Riley. An overall happy man with stubborn, cynical, blunt views on everything AND a ridiculously short temper?!? I love you! Although I don’t think he is right all of the time, I also don’t completely disrespect the mans views. Most important, the man is always ready for a good debate. If he were a woman, he’d be a goddamn nightmare to live with. Not in the I’m-drunk-and-bored-so-i-feel-like-fighting kind of way, but more in the Shut-up-I’m-wise-and-power-hungry-like-Angelina-Jolie kind of way. I’m OK with that babbling skin sack of hypocrisy.

Ellen Degeneres. When I used to think about having a conversation with Ellen Degeneres, I imagined it would go something like this:

“Hi I’m Gay! Do you like ice cream? I like gays! Are you afraid of the dark? I’m not afraid of anything cause I’m gay!” ect….

So when she came back from her career plummeting vagaytion to start a talk show, I watched it because I had nothing better to hate. Two episodes and practical joke with Dennis Quaid later, I had unknowingly developed a friendship crush. Once I was able to let go of the pride overdose she gave to everyone, I found her attitude to be slightly addictive. Always positive, embraces her ‘drunk white man at a wedding’ dancing daily, can seem to mesh with every type of person , and has great style in interior design.


8 Responses to “3 Dudes I Love.”

  1. monkeyKing Says:

    that is one very wide spectrum of people(s) to love (albeit in a strange and platonic way). but i understand the sentiment (‘cept for maybe O’Riley, but thats my shortcoming.)

    • monkeyKing Says:

      i reread that post and realized how weak, lame and… empathetic it is. my apologies. sorry. its time to open a beer, put on the armor, grab the broadsword and look for annoying dingbat O’Riley.

  2. Stubby Says:

    You’re my platonic crush.

    Especially after this post.

    Well, actually, all posts.


  3. rigelbot Says:

    i love ellen too. i want to be her best friend.

  4. Frank Says:

    All this ignores the daunting cultural importance of Skeet Ulrich, for shame.

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