Detroit Rubble City

100 abandoned homesThe other night, a friend from Michigan was telling me about her attempts to buy a house around Detroit since they’re selling them for around $300 to $500. The catch is that you would have to pay for the property taxes on it, which many people can’t really afford right now. Detroit seems to be a lost cause of a once booming city.  Its like the Britney Spears of properties.

non homes

Kevin Bauman started taking black and white photos of abandoned homes around the Detroit area with his Hasselblad camera in the 90’s, to document the places before they got knocked down and made into condos and updated urban structures. Unfortunately, most of the homes that Bauman documented over 10 years ago, are still rotting on their plots.

This time around he decided to re-document them in color, build a site for his photo project, and sell inkjet prints of each for $35 (giving 30% to the organization Habitat for Humanity). Not a single person in Detroit bought one because it is so common see them in their everyday life, that there was no beauty nor shock value to it.

I started clicking along these photos expecting to be bored 4 photos into it. I was cynical and wrong. Kevin Bauman did such an amazing job with compostion and targeting where to saturate/desaturate each image, that I was hooked looking at 103 dilapidated structures.

homesall photos from


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4 Responses to “Detroit Rubble City”

  1. cherokeebydesign Says:

    Its sad but true….and its repeating itself all across America now.


  2. Laura Says:

    Thinking about Detroit and Cleveland makes me sad. Unfortunate chapters in American history.

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