The Best Memo

Doug Savage

Doug Savage has made great use out of his post it notes.

That or I have become too easily amused by robots, chickens, dry humor, and narcissists. 



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One Response to “The Best Memo”

  1. :: smo :: Says:

    haha nice!

    i dig postits they’re a great size for doodles and easy enough to be noncommittal with if you’re not into what you put on em. that’s how i make most of my life choices! “easy and noncommittal? sign me up!”

    i used to draw a postit of the macromedia flash logo every time flash crashed on me at my old job. i drew the logo engaging in risky behaviors or committing suicide. my favorite was where it was totally flying off a skate ramp over a pit full of crocodiles and used hypodermic needles. extreme.

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