Man Boobs


Man Boobs
Brooklyn, NY

Model: Mikey

Photo By: Chloe Rice

Tee shirt tits! I know its a copout, but I’m on vacation. 

  • revving old cars and driving down the freeway while listening to Milt Jackson
  • eating Baja style burritos at midnight
  • swimming 20 laps in the pool first thing in the morning
  • sewing in the blazing sun
  • reading Invisible Man in bed for hours
  • inspiring to invent pie recipes of my own and call them crazy names like “The Indepenece For Happy Singles” pie (involves a lot of rich and decadent chocolate and summer bloomed fresh berries and vanilla custard.
  • puppies resting on my lap and protecting me from the sound of a cell phone
  • not using my computer. Sorry, boobs.



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4 Responses to “Man Boobs”

  1. Booth83 Says:

    That pie sounds interesting, but I think i’ll stick to apple…or pumpkin….or cheese cake….or peanut butter fudge. now im sad and hungry:(

  2. Rog Says:

    What kind of old car are you revving? I miss my 77 baby blue Mercury Comet.

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