The Cable Box

The Cable Box
I have the ability to lose just about anything.

  • Keys
  • Personal laptops
  • Metrocards
  • Lighting fixtures
  • Full plates of food

If I can hold it, there’s just a matter of time before I loose it.

I imagine it has to do with my short attenti-

I’ve recently come to find that the best way to prevent myself from loosing or destroying things, it to put them in some sort of casing.

Now that I’ve figured out the art of getting those little headphones in my ear, I’ve also figured out a pretty nifty way to keep them visible and tidy.

oh headphone caseJust tucking them into an old cassette case!

organization OCDThen I took it a step towards O.C.D. and put all of my tiny cords and loose batteries into cases before tucking them away in the travel case that I found for 5 bucks at a street fair.

Contained Clutter

All photos taken by Chloe Rice

I contributed a section of this to Mikeys newly started blog.

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9 Responses to “The Cable Box”

  1. Rog Says:

    How very Martha Stewartesque of you.

  2. Cristina Says:

    you always make the smallest things look so interesting. i really enjoy seeing how creative you are

  3. Frank Says:


    Not that my opinion matters for much, flopping as it is, out of the electronic ether, but i enjoy your writing. It is refreshing and direct, personal and obliquely applicable.


  4. Roman Pinzon-Soto Says:

    The artistic geek in me wants to give you props & a hug right now, deal?

  5. me melodia Says:

    perfectly organized.
    I love this!

  6. My Broken Cubical « Shoplifting in a Ghost Town Says:

    […] love my cable box. Its like a tool box for […]

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